Now You Can Drive The Car Of Your Dreams (Maintenance Included) Without Being a Millionaire

Learn how to buy, trade, sell and drive exotic cars for free, and even make money while doing.

Have You Ever Wanted to Drive a Lamborghini Huracan For Just $600/mo (Manteinance Included)?

How would you feel if you could drive the most exotic and unique cars without having to be a millionaire or even pay thousands of dollars for pieces and maintenance?

How different your life would be if you could stop driving boring cars and you could show up to your workplace with a Maserati or a Rolls Royce?

Imagine driving a late model Bentley for $800 a month or an Aston Martin for $600 a month. How about getting paid $3,000 to own a Lamborghini for 6 months?

Now, what if you could do that without using your own money or evern needing a large down payment…

It CAN be a reality for you!

But first, let me introduce myself...

My name is Pejman Ghadimi. Over the past 10 years, I have bought and driven over 60 exotic cars of all makes and models. Through that experience, I have learned how to do so without losing any money.

When I started using this strategy I wasn’t even a millionaire then, but just loved cars. I was constantly getting bored with whatever I bought which made it an expensive hobby to keep switching vehicles… until I figured out this pattern that dealers have used for years but never wanted anyone to know.

What I did was simple: I created a staggeringly easy to follow strategy to keep myself excited with new exotic cars by leveraging the insider secrets I knew from the car dealership industry.

Back in the day, I would show up in Lamborghinis and Ferraris to my day job and people started wondering how was I able to pull this off.

That's where Exotic Car Hacks was born.

However, it wasn't always like this…

Here I am with my AP1 S2000 (quite the fashion statement).

Since I was very young, I always had a passion for cars, but I could only afford to drive Ford Mustangs and Honda S2000s.

While I was always drawn to higher, more exotic cars, I simple couldn't afford them (or so I thought at the time). I had a good job with good pay, but I was nowhere near where I needed to be to afford those cars.

Plus, I had all of the "common sense" opinions about exotic cars:

"I need to be a millionaire to afford a Lamborghini,"

"Even if I buy an exotic car, how the hell am I supposed to maintain it?"

"If I buy an exotic car with my day job, people will start thinking bad things about me,"

And on and on...

However, one day I had the opportunity to buy my first exotic, drive it for two years and sell it for the exact same amount I had bought it for...

And this didn't make any sense at all!

I had experienced what's called "dealer margins".

So, I started investigating the best way of purchasing and selling exotic cars and discovered a whole world inside of this niche. The opportunities I came across were just unbelievable, and I had all this information available to me now...

Fast forward 10 years. I have owned and driven more than 60 exotic cars. I got my first Porsche 911 at the age of 21 and my first Lamborghini Gallardo at the age of 23.

Here's a few of the cars I've owned – not including the 12 cars I've owned during the past 18 months.

But wait - what does this have to do with you?

Remember, I told you that I started showing up in exotic cars to my day job? This made a lot of people happy (and a lot of people jealous), and I got a ton of questions about the cars and how I was able to drive them.

After having a lot of people asking about this, and wanting to make it available for the public, I decided to pour all my knowledge, my experience and my contacts into what I believe to be the best course on exotic and luxury cars and how to own them for free.

Introducing: Exotic Car Hacks

4 Hours of HD Video that will help you learn all the strategies you need to find, negotiate, and flip those cars you've always wanted.
Wealth Transfer Explained

Duration: 1h 06m

Learn what the Wealth Transfer system is and how we use it to invest in Exotic Cars.

How to Find the Best Deals

Duration: 1h 03m

Learn exactly how to hunt for bargains and unbelievable prices on the best exotics out there.

Best Car Brands/Models

Duration: 1h 30m

Would you like to learn the best cars and models that will make amazing deals? This is your module.

How to Flip for Profit

Duration: 1h 11m

How to list your exotic cars so that they become completely irresistible to your potential purchaser.

Exotic Car Hacks Will Show You Step By Step

How to HACK your way into a Lamborghini (or any other exotic) using the “wealth transfer” method

How to locate and pick the sickest deals at the right time and buying your next exotic at ludicrous prices

ferrari 458 red interior

How to enjoy your car and maintain it the right way for less than 10% of what people think

You Can Start Driving the Cars Of Your Dreams Like Our Students Are Doing!

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Who is Exotic Car Hacks For?

We want you to have you an amazing experience with Exotic Car Hacks, so make sure this course is good for you first...


  • Exotic and Sport Cars Enthusiast
  • People that are willing to learn and participate in our exclusive community.
  • Patient people that will wait and hunt for the right deal
  • People in the US, UK and Canada (for now)


  • Lazy people
  • People that are not willing to put the effort to make their dreams come true.
  • Impatient people that expect results overnight.
  • People in other parts of the world. At the moment Exotic Car Hacks only works in the USA, UK and Canada.
Learn The Inside Outs of the Exotic Cars Industry in 90 Days or Less

Try this online course risk free for 30 days and if you do not feel that you have learnt enough about the Exotic Car Industry so that you can drive your own exotic car, just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

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Get access to our exclusive Facebook community where you can post questions, get insights and feedback from our experienced members.


My Personal List of Trusted Shops (Value $997)

Get access to my personal rolodex of trusted shops, dealers and repair businesses that took me 10 years to put together, absolutely for free!


Free Upcoming Video Updates For Life (Value $697)

Pay once and get access to the entire platform updates, new videos and case studies for life!


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