In this Exotic Car Hacks workshop, I will teach you all the tricks of the trade and how to turn your passion of cars into a six-figure side business - LIVE!


It's Time to Share EVERYTHING I KNOW, and I've Even Invited My Closest Friends in The Industry to Spill Their Secrets Too...

The truth is that the exotic car market is full of loopholes and ways for you to be able to HACK your way into some of the nicest and coolest exotic cars on the planet, but not all those ways are straightforward, and fall into what I call the "grey area."

Now, the "grey area" has a lot of the real tricks that can help you get out of a bad jam or push the edge of what a bank will loan you.

Many of these things I cannot publicly share in a video course because it's very advanced and nuanced, but I do not mind doing so in person.

That said, I also have very limited time to be able to teach each person one-on-one, which is why a workshop made perfect sense, especially an intimate one with only 30 spots.

Before you buy your ticket, know this: I ONLY want serious people at this event; people who want to learn every aspect of Exotic Car Hacks and even the crazier stuff no one is able to publicly talk about.

I want action takers, not information junkies.

Here are some things you can look forward to learning about....

    • My favorite (totally legal) loopholes for avoiding taxes.
    • How to get out of a really bad car repair.
    • How to buy cars lower than auction pricing directly from dealers.
    • How to get any bank to lend you money and get approved on the spot.
    • How to manipulate your loans to allow larger $$$ cars without the income to match.
    • How to forecast the market for any car.
    • How to identify how much money dealers bought cars for.
    • And much much more.


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Meet Our Guest Speakers

Founder of Exotic Car Hacks

Pejman Ghadimi

Pejman is the founder and host of Exotic Car Hacks, and brings his experience of buying and selling over 100 luxury and exotic cars.

Owner of Excell Auto Group

Scott Zankl

Scott has been in the dealer business for over a decade and brings his experience from a dealer perspective, as well as his expertise in lending.

CEO of Autosport SPS

Rob O' Connell

Rob is an certified mechanic and Lamborghini and Ferrari expert. He has serviced and repaired nearly every luxury make and model out there.