Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What countries does Exotic Car Hacks work in?

A: The course content is applicable to members living in the United States and Canada at this time but may apply to other countries as well.

Q: Can I cancel my Weekly Deals Subscription?

A: Yes, please contact us to have your subscription terminated. You may restart it at anytime.

Q: Can you help me locate a car and handle the negotiation for me?

A: Yes, please contact me to get more information and pricing.

Q: Do you have any proof or testimonials of your strategies working?

A: Yes, please visit our testimonials to see clients and students who have used our strategies.

Q: Can I get a full refund of my purchase?

A: If you are within our 14 day refund period, lease contact us to get a full refund. An explanation why would be appreciated too.

Q: Is this the same and/or associated with Exotic Car Secrets?

A: Exotic Car Hacks is NOT the same as Exotic Car Secrets. Exotic Car Hacks is newer, more in-depth, and is continuously updated.