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But WAIT, have you ever wondered how and why I choose specific cars to buy?

Watch over my shoulder as I show you exactly how I choose which exotic and luxury cars to own, and how to buy them for less than asking price
...even if you are not a master negotiator!

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Yes! I'm ready to learn how to buy the right exotic cars, for less than asking price, and without needing to be a master negotiator!

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  • How to tell exactly how long a car has been offered for sale
  • Cues to look for from a desperate dealership that wants to liquidate inventory
  • Specific 'keywords' in ads that indicate a desperate dealer or private seller
  • Step-by-step research examples of live ads that show great deals
  • Cars to look for that work great for quick flips, or can be driven for free
  • How to know when a car is on the brink of going to auction
  • How to forecast depreciation easily on any exotic or luxury car
  • The exact process to know how much to offer without insulting the seller

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You only make money on a car when you buy, not when you sell. So it is EXTREMELY important that you first learn HOW to identify the right cars, know how much to offer, so that you don't lose money on your purchase.

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- Pejman Ghadimi

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