How to Look Up Dealership Reviews and History

Most dealerships have a history which is often a blend between reviews, forum conversation, and reviews people leave on their social pages.

The best place to start your due diligence is Google, but do not be alarmed by the surface of the results that appear. Make sure to read and understand why each good or bad review exists. Fake reviews exist a lot more than you think so don’t let one bad incident or misunderstanding stop you from talking to that dealer.

There are many misunderstandings when dealing with ego-driven people, and most high end exotic dealers are as such and so are their customers. I recommend reading the relevance of the review and the date of it, because dealerships change management often and can correct past issues.

You can also reach out via your own Facebook, social groups, or forums to see if anyone has had any experience with a specific dealer and what their issues were.

The eBay system is a good one to use to measure this because those are often honest; and if dealers sell on eBay, you can read reviews from others who bought similar cars from them in the past.

Pejman Ghadimi

For the past 10 years Pejman Ghadimi has used this system to buy and sell over 85 personal luxury and exotic cars. His strategies has helped thousands of people buy the exotic cars of their dreams for up to 80% off retail price in as little as 90 days. Click here to learn how you can too.

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