Exotic Car Hacks Member LOSES $11,000!!! SCAM???

An Exotic Car Hacks member named Travis just sold the R8 he bought two years ago…

And he lost $11,000!

He must have done something wrong, right?

$11,000 loss is certainly not “driving for free”…

So what gives?

Is Exotic Car Hacks a scam?

How did he screw this up so bad if he had Exotic Car Hacks?

Well… before you jump to conclusions, let’s look at the numbers:

As I said in my comment, the TRUTH is that this is a FANTASTIC hack when you break down the numbers.

In fact, it’s textbook.

He put an absurd 15,000 miles a year on an Audi R8 and it cost him $380/month – as he rightly says, less than a Mercedes C300 lease payment.

And then we have Andrew, who lost over $3,500 in one year on an Aston Martin Vantage:

Again, at first glance, you might think “oof”, $3,500/year is a LOT of money…

Until you run the numbers and realize most people who buy brand new Vantages lose $50k+ in the first year, and that, as Andrew said, the payment on his wife’s KIA Telluride is DOUBLE what it cost him monthly to own the Aston.

Fun Fact: the lease payment on a new Aston Vantage is nearly $2,000/mo.

In other words, Andrew got a full year of driving for less than two lease payments that some other guy is paying for the exact same car.

When it comes to hacking, both of these examples are truly great executions of the Exotic Car Hacks strategy.

It’s not just about the total dollar lost or made, or even the cost per month, but the cost in the context of the car itself, miles, and what most average consumers spend vs. you as a hacker.

So if you want to drive an R8 for less than a Mercedes C300, or an Aston Martin for less than a KIA Telluride, then join us in Exotic Car Hacks.

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