How to Find the Best Used Car Deals

This is a great question because with so many makes, models, and variations; how will you ever pull the trigger on the right model?

You have to know what you are looking for and set alerts on either used cars for sale or new cars coming up for sale to find the best car deals.

For example, set an alert for eBay or Autotrader to email you if a 6-speed Audi R8 comes on the market, or perhaps a black Rolls Royce Ghost.

The point is to leverage these free tools to make sure you are not spending all day looking for cars like we do.

You can also see cars we email to our Insider Members weekly as the best cars to buy, so you don’t have to look for them on your own.

Pejman Ghadimi

For the past 10 years Pejman Ghadimi has used this system to buy and sell over 85 personal luxury and exotic cars. His strategies has helped thousands of people buy the exotic cars of their dreams for up to 80% off retail price in as little as 90 days. Click here to learn how you can too.

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