Do Your Strategies Work on Normal Cars?

Yes, our strategies work on all cars, but it works best on exotics and specialty cars because of the margins.

You can always learn our negotiation strategies and use them on any car at any dealer, but the margins on normal cars versus exotics are different.

If a dealer buys a Bentley for $128K, they can still negotiate it up to $179K giving them a $50K margin. A Honda dealer cannot sell a $20K Honda for more than $25K so the margin is much smaller.

The point is that without big margins you can’t drive for free, but with them you can drive for free and recoup more margin on your own when you sell. The concept is useable on any make, but will not bring the same level of return.

That’s why we recommend looking at some of the more affordable exotic cars on the market. Hope that helps!

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