McLaren 600LT Buyers Guide

Let’s talk McLaren, specifically the 600LT – one of the newest additions to what seems to be an ever-growing lineup of variations from the British Racing brand. Based on the 570S chassis, the 600LT Is the third car in the McLaren lineup to receive the “long-tail” initials.

This is the sportier, more race-centric focused variant of the 570S. The 600LT boasts new and improved aerodynamic features such as an extended front splitter and rear diffuser, new side sills, and an aero-enhanced fixed rear wing to increase downforce, all while being 3 inches longer and 200 pounds lighter than the 570S – because size does indeed matter.

Oh and don’t forget about the exhaust! Yeah, they come out of the top of the car.

Follow the exhaust pipes through to the belly of the beast and you will find a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that is tuned to make 592 horsepower with 457 pounds of torque, giving her a top speed of 204 miles per hour with a 0-60 run in just 2.8 seconds. Those are some pretty impressive numbers, making the 600LT a beast meant for more than just cruising the streets.

The inside of the track-tailored but still street legal 600LT is pretty minimalist and even a bit bland.

There are carbon-fiber racing seats that were first seen on the McLaren P1 and Alcantara trim throughout, contributing to the car’s minimal weight. There is also another option, if the P1 seats don’t do it for you, there are also the famous McLaren Senna carbon fiber race seats available as an option as well. In addition to these features of course the inside and outside are loaded with carbon fiber options and packages, and while for weight, we can say “less is more” for carbon fiber options, the sentiment is quite the opposite.

Driving Experience

Brutally intense is the best way to put what it is like to drive the McLaren 600LT. In comparison, the 570S is a great everyday driver exotic car, and while the 600LT can be used for your daily adventures; it would be like making a wolf your lap dog. Doable if you try, but you’re denying the beast of its true potential. Plus, getting in and out of those seats isn’t exactly something you want to do 4x per day.

The exhaust produces a well-orchestrated symphony as you drive. Tucked into the sports seats, you are in control of a precision-engineered machine that drives heritage from an F1 legend on the track.

The interior tech can be a bit difficult to utilize, so be sure to turn to Google if you have any questions on how to get the IRIS system to work with you.

All in all, though, the ability to enjoy the drive of the McLaren 600LT depends on where you are unleashing her. If you are taking her down main roads and stopping at red lights every 900 feet, it may not be that enjoyable. However, if you are able to go down back roads or out on the track every so often then you will get to experience the 600LT for exactly what it is.

McLaren 600 LT Common Problems

Now, let me preface this by saying, some of these issues aren’t “real” issues. What I mean by that is, one of the most common complaints about the 600LT is the seats, regardless of the P1 seat option or the Senna seat option, both are sport/track styled so they are tight-fitting, and not the most comfortable seats out there. But then again this isn’t a car for a road trip.

Another common issue is the fact that many deem the electronics and the IRIS system difficult to use, and I agree with that, but alas, this is a car that is supposed to be enjoyed for the driving, not for whether or not it has Apple car play (FYI, it does NOT).

As of right now, there is only one open recall for the McLaren 600LT, the details of the recall are below:

Recall date


Recall no.


McLaren Automotive Incorporated (McLaren) is recalling certain 2020 570S, GT, 2019 600LT, and 2019-2020 720S vehicles. The brake assembly banjo bolt may be missing the holes that supply brake fluid to the caliper, which would cause the brakes to fail on one corner of the vehicle.

McLaren 600LT Cost of Ownership/Maintenance

McLarens are notoriously more expensive to maintain than other cars, this is in part to them being designed for a good time not a long time. In addition to that, of course, all the parts are in the UK, and while there are McLaren shops around the country, the amount of them is minimal in comparison to how many Audi shops there are or Ferrari/Lamborghini, etc.

Also, most McLarens have a 3 year/unlimited mile basic and powertrain warranty, so the 600LT models are most still under their factory warranty (written in Nov 2021). But rumor has it is once the warranty runs out, so does your luck when it comes to saving money on repairs.

A great way to avoid this is by ensuring that before you purchase your 600LT is by performing a Pre-Purchase Inspection at a trusted shop and being sure to go over the results and findings thoroughly before pulling the trigger.

McLaren 600LT Year Changes

There were no model year changes for the McLaren 600LT as of the time of this writing. (December 2021)

McLaren 600LT Options

McLaren’s, like Ferrari’s, are very dependent upon options and the higher the sticker, the better the resale your 600LT will stand. Of course some options matter more than others, such as carbon fiber packages, Senna Seats, MSO Clubsport packages, exterior color options (MSO if possible), etc. But if you want to know which options mean more than others, check out the build sheet options HERE

Best McLaren 600LT To Buy

2019 600LT coupes are the ones you will want to be looking at, and the higher the sticker, the better. If you can obtain a 600LT with an MSO club sport package, MSO exterior paint, MSO options in general, the Senna carbon fiber seats, and a roof scoop, now that is the cream of the crop. But any car with higher options that include carbon fiber interior and exterior packs are favored as well as elite or special exterior paint options.


While McLaren as a brand has fallen under scrutiny in the exotic car world in terms of bang for the buck and value, the 600LT is an amazing car to drive and own, you get the race experience of a Senna without having to risk a million dollars, along with the wow factor of doors up and fire out of the roof, what more could you possibly want?

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