Join The Only program In The World That Helps Normal People Buy Their first (or next) luxury or exotic car WITHOUT losing money on depreciation, taxes, insurance, and maintenance

Now You too Can shortcut your 10+ year dream in the next 90 days without being rich

What you get

Exotic Car Hacks Is The World's #1 Training Program That Helps Anyone 10X Their Car While Saving Money, Avoiding Costly Mistakes, And Lowering Their Monthly Payment

We’ve been taught to believe that luxury and exotic cars are out of reach and only reserved for the rich, or that you have to wait until retirement to own one. That ends today.

It doesn't matter if you've bought a luxury or exotic car before, or if this is your first time.

With Exotic Car Hacks, learn the same strategy that has helped over 22,000 people buy their dream car without risking their own money while reducing typical expenses like taxes, depreciation, and maintenance down to zero.

This beginner friendly program will guide you through the entire “car hacking” process from start to finish, and provide all the tools and resources needed so that you have the confidence to buy your dream car without making any critical mistakes.

here's what you get:

  • Lifetime Access to Exotic Car Hacks - Over 6 hours of training that walks you through the entire car hacking strategy from start to finish (updated for 2024).
  • How to buy an Exotic Car Step-By-Step - Learn the full in-depth process to buying your first exotic car (even if you've never bought a car before) so you don't make any costly mistakes.
  • Private Members-Only Facebook Group - Get direct access to over 22,000 other car hackers where you can ask questions, get support and network with local members.
  • Case Studies Of All My Personal Hacks - There's no better way to learn than by seeing what I'm doing. Get a detailed Cost breakdown of all my personal cars.
  • My Own Personal “Rolodex” Of Industry Resources - don't waste time trying to figure this out. Use the same resources I use for lending, transport, inspections, insurance, and more.
  • Car Buying Guides - all the best cars to hack along with everything you need to know about them... from best years to buy, must-have options, how much to pay, and more.
  • Research and Negotiation Strategies - See Where to find car deals online and get an inside look at my thought process and negotiation scripts used.

what you'll learn

backed by 20 years of experience and millions of dollars invested... here's a sneak peak inside exotic car hacks that has helped over 22,000 people have the confidence to buy their dream car

Module 1

Car Hacking Fundamentals

the revolutionary new way to own the nicest cars while keeping more money in your pocket

  • Why exotic car hacks is really a financial education platform around cars as alternative assets and the banking system.
  • Why conventional buying methods like leasing, buying new, and even used are dangerous, outdated, and causing financial ruin for millions of consumers.
  • The Dirty Truth Behind how car dealerships operate to milk consumers for every penny (and how you can fight back and beat dealers at their own game).
  • Why car hacking doesn't require dealers license or access to car auctions... and why this this has nothing to do with flipping cars or turo.

Module 2

Wealth preservation

the numbers behind luxury and exotic cars and how they can be driven for free or profit

  • Learn my “wealth transfer” strategy that allows me turn exotic and luxury cars from liabilities to assets, and own them virtually risk-free.
  • How To use Our Proprietary "Bottom Cash Value" Formula So That Your Money Is Always Protected... And Break-Even in Worst Case Scenarios.
  • The Truth About How Exotic Cars Depreciate (And Why Many Luxury And Exotic Cars actually INCREASE In Value As Time Goes On).
  • How to "recycle Money" over and over so you can upgrade cars every 6-12 months without having to invest more money.

Module 3

Research process

understanding the car market, what cars to look for, and where to find incredible deals

  • All The Best Luxury And Exotic Cars To Hack (For All Budgets) That Won't Depreciate, Are Reliable, And Have Incredible Resale Value.
  • My Step-By-Step Research Process For Sourcing The Best Cars To Hack, For Any Budget, Even During The Worst Car Markets.
  • How To Forecast future Car Values So that You can calculate your true cost of ownership and Minimize Your Risk Exposure.
  • Negotiation Strategies So That You Can Buy Cars Below Market Value... Regardless If It's A Dealer Or Private Seller.

Module 4

lending and credit

Exposing The Truth Behind credit, what Banks look for, Financing terms, And how to get favorable Loans

  • How To Leverage Banks And Credit Unions for Affordable payments So You Don’t Need To Use Your Own Money (even in May 2024).
  • Where To Get Low Interest Financing (Even If You Don't Have Perfect Credit) So That You Don't Have To Put Down Any Cash.
  • The Truth Behind What Banks Really Look For When It Comes To Approving You For A Loan (And The 4 Big Factors They Look At Above Everything Else).
  • How To Move Up The "Exotic Car Finance Ladder" And Get Approved For Huge Loans Even If You're Starting From Scratch And Have No Loan History.

Module 5

Buying process

how to navigate the complex car buying process while protecting yourself from costly mistakes

  • Everything You Need To Know About The Buying And Selling Process, Including All The Paperwork That You'll Encounter.
  • How To Never Worry About Mechanical Problems Doing One Simple Thing That Most Consumers Overlook Prior To Purchasing.
  • How to protect yourself from dealer scams, hidden fees, unnecessary upsells, and title fraud when closing the deal.
  • How To Buy cars Out-Of-State Sight Unseen And Get It Shipped Directly To You Using One Of Our Trusted Auto Transport Providers.

Module 6

ownership and Selling

how to minimize expenses and exit 6-12 months later for a enjoyable worry-free ownership experience

  • How To Insure Your Exotic Car For As Little As $100 Per Month With Comprehensive Coverage Using One Of Our Preferred Insurance Providers.
  • 100% Legal Tax Savings Strategies That You Can Do Yourself to save thousands of dollars Without Having To Consult A Tax Professional.
  • where To Get The Best Deals On Service, Parts, Or Repairs As Much As 80% Off What The Dealer Charges with our trusted shop list.
  • How To Sell Your Car Fast And Get Top Dollar... Including Best Places To List Your Car, Tricks To Weed Out Tire Kickers, And Examples Of Perfect Listings.

dream car accelerator

Join Today And get the all-new "Dream Car Accelerator" bonus created specifically to help you hack your dream car faster than ever before ($4,997 value)

Cyber Monday Exclusive: Get 6 Months FREE access to "Hack Ready" Exclusive Deals

Don't waste time trying to find cars to hack. With our "Hack Ready" Exclusive Deals, you get access to luxury and exotic cars available for purchase within our private network. All cars listed here fit the hack criteria and are personally inspected by our team before being listed giving you ultimate peace of mind. You'll find everything from luxury sedans and SUVs for daily driving, to exotic supercars for the weekend. Members typically pay $697/yr to access the "Hack Ready" Exclusive Deals. But for Black Friday, you get 6 months access entirely free. In order to redeem any car, you must go through our Car Finder program.

Bonus #1: Best Cars to Hack in 2024 Cheat Sheet

Don't waste time guessing which cars to buy. Get a cheat sheet of the best cars to hack in today's market in 2023 for all budget levels ($50k-250k+). With this easy to follow cheat sheet, you'll be able to easily sort through all my recommended hacks so you never lose money hacking the wrong car.

Bonus #2: 6 Months Cars Deals Newsletter

Get the best car deals on the market delivered straight to your inbox each week. All cars are "hack qualified" and include target pricing so there's zero guesswork. Current members pay $59 per month, but you get 6 months access for FREE. Your first deals newsletter will start the following Monday after you join.

Bonus #3: Car Selling Mastery Guide

Learn how to command top dollar and never struggle with selling your car again. The Car Selling Mastery guide walks you through the entire car selling process from start to finish. Learn where to list your car for maximum exposure, the secret strategy to sell your car 10X faster, how to list and sell your car for more money, and much more.

Bonus #4: Roadmap to Hacking Your First Exotic

Your credit and loan history are the most important factors when it comes to car hacking. This guide teaches you how to build up your credit and climb the 'exotic car ladder' so not only your credit improves, but how you can double your loan approval amount every 6-12 months, and go from zero to a six-figure car in just 1 year... without putting down any cash.

Bonus #5: Car Hacking Research Tracker

My #1 resource to track the market and monitor hack-worthy cars. Use the tool to analyze the market, see what cars are good hacks, and price trends. Includes a financial calculator that helps you determine your total cost of ownership so you know a bad hack that costs money, from a good hack that's minimal cost.

Bonus #6: 2023 Virtual Conference Recordings

Recently we held our annual live Virtual Conference. With the event recordings, you'll hear from PJ on the state of the luxury and exotic car market, what happened to the car market and predictions to where it's heading with one of the nations largest exotic car dealers, insider financing tips from one of the biggest exotic car lenders, and much more.

Bonus #7: 1-on-1 Strategy Call

Not sure where to start or what to do next? Have a complementary 60-min 1-on-1 call with myself or one of our advisors, and let us help you create a personalized car hacking game plan so you can get into your dream car ASAP.

Bonus #8: Paid Trip to Exotic Car Hacks HQ

One lucky new Exotic Car Hacks member who joins during Black Friday / Cyber Monday will be selected at random to win an all expenses paid trip to South Florida where they will have the chance to meet PJ and visit the all-new Exotic Car Hacks headquarters. (Must be based in US for eligibility).

student success stories

We've Helped Over 22,000 People Buy Their Dream Car Who Believed It Was Out Of Reach And Helped Them Save Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars... Will You Be Next?

Last Updated: May 23rd

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student success stories

we've helped over 22,000 people buy their dream car who believed it was out of reach and helped them save tens of thousands of dollars... will you be next?

Last Updated: May 23rd