Leasing Vs. Car Hacking

Honestly, it's not even a fair comparison lol

Let's use an example of a Lamborghini LP560 and see how leasing compares to car hacking.

With leasing, you have a $118,000 loss at the end of your lease.

Look, I don't care if you're making millions per year...

Losing $118,000 is not a fun thing to do.

Especially if you could easily avoid it. 

You know what is fun? 

Driving a Lambo without losing a single penny. 

And that's only possible with car hacking. 

How car hacking works i​n a nutshell

With car hacking, the goal is to buy the right exotic car (year, mileage, options, etc) at below market value, so it won't depreciate further.

Assuming you have decent credit, you don’t even need to put any cash down.

You can leverage financing at incredible rates at banks and credit unions to lower your payments even further. 

Once you're done with the car, you simply resell it for what you paid for OR even for a profit.

Yup, you read that right.

 It's 100% possible to profit from driving exotic cars.

Micah profited $5,000 from his Aston Martin Vantage

This is what I call “wealth transfer” (explained on the next page) and is something only the top 1% of financially savvy people know.

Unlike leasing or conventional buying, car hacking lets you do whatever you want with your car.

  • You're not be limited to any mileage restrictions like leasing.
  • You don't have to use your own money or put any money down.
  • You can  sell your car at any given time you want (with built-in equity already).
  • You're free to mod your car.
  • You even have a chance to make a profit with your car.

This is the beauty of car hacking and why it’s becoming the fastest way regular people are now buying exotic cars.

How Is Car Hacking Different From Just Buying A Used Car?

Fair question.

When you buy used, you are buying a car that has already depreciated, with room to depreciate even further.

But with car hacking, you are buying the right car, at the right price, that will no longer continue to depreciate.

This means you retain all your money and equity in the car and you’re able to sell or trade it in without losing any money.

So now let's dive deeper into my car hacking system and how you can start using it today to buy your dream exotic car...

Get ready.

This is the juicy stuff.

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