Exotic Car Insurance & Maintenance: No, It Doesn’t Have To Cost You A Fortune

In fact, insurance prices don’t have to cost you more than the price of insurance for an average BMW 3 Series. 

But again, that’s only if you know what to do.

If you continue follow conventional advice, then yes, you’ll be paying a fortune for insurance.

Here are just a a couple of people who have been able to insure exotics for a lot cheaper than most people believe.

Jay's Ferrari cost $809 to insure for 6 months ($134 per month). That's cheaper than his daily driver!

What REALLY Affects Insurance Prices?

There are multiple factors...

But one of the main factors that affects insurance price is the “accident rate” of the car you’re buying.

For example let’s compare a Lamborghini Huracan and Honda Accord.

Since 2014, Lamborghini has built approximately 14,000 units of the Huracan.

In 2019 alone, Honda has sold 267,567 Accords. (Source: Goodcarbadcar.net)

I don’t even know how many Accords Honda has produced in its lifetime. 

But it’s a lot.

So just by sheer volume, someone driving an Accord statistically much more likely to get into an accident than someone driving a Huracan.

Other factors include the fact that most people don't use exotics as their daily driver. So the lowered driving frequency lowers the price as well.

There's honestly not much more to say about insurance...

Except don't listen to people talk about exotic car insurance if they've never owned an exotic lol.

My students and I are living proof that exotic car insurance is just not expensive. 

You don't have to resort to shady insurance providers that only repeat DUI offenders use. 

Many of the household insurance brands will insure exotics.

You just need to know where to ask. 

Dirty Little Secrets Of Maintaining Your Exotic For Cheap

Here’s something a lot of people don’t know.

Rolls Royce is owned by BMW.

In fact, the Rolls Royce Ghost is actually the same as a BMW 7 Series on the inside.

Ya ya I know...

The Ghost starts at $311k while a new 7 Series costs $86k.

Each car attracts very different buyers, what can I say?

But outside of the different branding and exterior, the interior guts of the car are almost the same. 

I know it can be hard to believe.

But it's not just BMW and Rolls Royce doing this. 

The same thing happens with Lamborghini and Audi.

They are both part of the same parent company (Volkswagen Group).

Which means a lot of their cars share the same parts so car manufacturers can save money. 

When you strip a Lamborghini Huracan down, it’s internal parts are virtually identical to an Audi R8 V10.

Same components, just wrapped in a different package.

Cars have become "modular" in nature.

They all share the same internals.

And because of this, you now have a lot more options to getting your car maintained and repaired. 

You're not just stuck with going to the official dealership which is where maintenance is most expensive. 

There’s now an excess of parts and independent 3rd party shops are able to source parts for cheap and pass the savings onto you.

The only way you screw up when it comes to maintenance and repairs is when you go directly to the dealership.

As long as you find a specialty shop with a solid reputation that deals with exotic repairs and maintenance, you’re good to go.

I’ve heard horror stories of something like a simple oil change costing $500-1000.

Here’s a thread from an Audi forum of a user saying his dealer quoted him $650 + tax for an oil change on his Audi R8.

But in reality, if you use legit independent shops, an oil change shouldn’t cost you more than $200. 

Official Audi oil change = $400. Independent shop oil change (plus inspection) = $199. Enough said.

Bottom line: Don’t get your oil change (or any maintenance) done at the official dealership.

Always go to a vetted independent shop.




We've covered a lot the last few pages. 

So I want to take the opportunity on the next page to wrap everything up so you 100% understand this stuff and can start taking action. 

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