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Exotic Car Hacks Ultimate Package

Become the ultimate car hacker by taking your knowledge to the next level with our Ultimate Package that includes Exotic Car Hacks Part Deux Advanced Training, Car Finder Service, and Luxury Car Hacks. Not only will I personally source a car for you, you can also learn how to hack any car (new, used, luxury, exotic) for yourself with our complete suite of training.

Retail Price: $3,997  (Save 55%)

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Part Deux Advanced Training

The next step in your car hacking journey. Learn advanced strategies like new car hacking, tax loopholes, advanced negotiation tactics, car modifications, hacking multiple car loans, brokering car allocations, and much more.

Retail Price: $1,997 (Save 72%)

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car finder service

Too busy to research and find your own luxury or exotic car? Let me help you source the right car and do all the negotiation for you, while walking you through the entire process. This is ideal for car hackers who don't have the time.

Retail Price: $1,499 (Save 25%)

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private mastermind

Private Mastermind now includes access to our software 'Hack Hunter' (coming soon) which helps you find car deals faster without the guesswork, along with our hand-picked Weekly Newsletter deals, and private weekly calls with PJ.

Retail Price: $97/mo (Save 43%)

luxury car hacks

Luxury Car Hacks, an extension of Exotic Car Hacks, will teach you how to leverage the same strategies on luxury cars like BMW M3, M5, 7-Series, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes G63, S65, E63, etc. More importantly, this program is a stepping stone into exotic cars as it helps your 'readiness' by teaching you how to prepare for ownership by optimizing your finances, improving your credit credit, and more.

Retail Price: $497 (Save 62%)

our other platforms

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Watch Trading Academy

Learn how to buy, sell, trade, and invest in luxury watches for profit. All you need to start is only $1,500 and a computer. In this untapped industry, our students are averaging ~19% return on investment every three days.

Retail Price: $997 (Save 72%)

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90 Day bootcamp

My intensive bootcamp that will cram 20 years of knowledge into just 90 days. This bootcamp breaks down the process it took for me to reach a level of sustained financial success and fulfillment. Only 100 spots available.

Retail Price: $1,997 (Save 75%)