Meet Jake: How a College Student Bought a Nissan GT-R As His Daily Driver


A common myth we like to bust here at Exotic Car Hacks is that you have to be an older, retired business owner to drive these cars.

Jake here is one of our many members who disproves that. He is a Junior in college with keys to a 2014 Nissan GTR in his pocket, thanks to doing his homework with Exotic Car Hacks.

Jake has been kind enough to tell us how he did and how you can too.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Jake: As a Junior in college, I currently run several e-commerce based businesses, however, when I first started my entrepreneurial journey, I started out within the iOS mobile application market.

What is your profession?

Jake: Entrepreneur/ Business Owner

What was your first car and why?

Jake: Before purchasing my first car on my own, I was given the keys to my Dad’s first car, a 1971 Z/28 Camaro, so that it stays in the family and then also a 1999 Mustang by my Grandpa for achieving several goals that he had for me. I still have these vehicles, but my current daily is the GT-R.

z28 camaro

First exotic car using Exotic Car Methods methods and why?

Jake: The first car I purchased on my own using the Exotic Car Hacks strategies ended up being a 2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition.

It was more of an impulse buy, since I randomly started researching and decided that it would be the best first luxury sports car to segment my way into the exotic car market.

At the time, I also enjoyed seeing the higher performance that it had over several other exotic cars that I was looking at before researching the GT-R.

How has Exotic Car Hacks helped you when it comes to car research and buying?

Jake: Exotic Car Hacks has allowed me to be more cautious when purchasing a car. Knowing the depreciation schedules and how to negotiate with dealers will help me conserve my wealth while also driving awesome exotic cars.

Best advice for someone looking to buy their first exotic?

Jake: My best advice to someone looking to buy their first exotic is to drive it first.

If you’re young, like I am, take your parent and make sure that the dealer knows you’re serious about purchasing.

I ended up purchasing the GT-R through Pejman’s car finding service and this allowed me to both get a great deal and also be taken seriously by a dealership, since Pejman was able to help with the communication between myself and the dealership.


How is your life different now with exotic car ownership?

Jake: Since I’m currently in college using my GT-R as a daily driver, more people notice what I drive. I’ve had people in several of my classes come up to me and ask if I was the one driving the car. Unfortunately most of the people here don’t believe I bought it on my own and I’ve had several people get extremely jealous of it.

Although there are the jealous people, driving on the open road with an exotic/sports car is amazing. The feeling that you get knowing that it’s yours and that you’ve worked so hard to achieve it is priceless.

What’s next for you?

Jake: After owning the GT-R, it made me realize that I like the luxury aspect of exotic cars more than the performance, thus allowing me to look into purchasing an Audi R8 V10, Aston Martin, Ferrari 458 Italia, or something better as my next car.

We here at Exotic Car Hacks would like to thank Jake for sharing his story with us.

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Pejman Ghadimi

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