Meet Peter: Proof that Disability Shouldn’t Stop You From Owning an Exotic

peteryOne of our clients Peter has been kind enough to share his story of exotic car ownership with us.

A common question we get asked here at Exotic Car Hacks is “Does this method work outside the US?

Peter is here to answer that question as a born and raised Canadian, who not only used our methods, but also saw first hand the rewards that come with all the knowledge we teach here.

Yell us a little bit about yourself.

Peter: I’m just an ordinary guy that was born and raised in New Brunswick, Canada who moved to Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada in 2008.

I have worked sales at a Toyota dealership from 2007-2008 before moving to Alberta.

I’m not a trust fund kid at all, I just have a huge passion for cars and currently working the blue collar lifestyle in the oil and gas industry here in Northern Alberta Canada.

You may have noticed my plate is DEAFKID. Reason being is that I am hearing impaired and I use the plate to show people that even with a disability it is still possible to own an exotic car.


What is your profession?

Peter: Journeymen warehouse tech for Suncor Energy.

What was your first car and why did you choose that?

s2kPeter: Way back in the day my first car at 19 was a 2001 VW Jetta diesel, manual, fully loaded with alloy wheels, leather, sunroof in 2003.

It’s been a process to be honest to get to the R8.

I sold the Jetta in 2007, bought a 2005 Honda S2000 in June 08 and kept that till April 2012.

After I sold that, I bought a 2007 Porsche 997 911 C2 with an Aero kit in May 2012, and kept that till March 2016.

Then the Audi R8 came in July 2016.

Every time I sold a car I had it paid off and used that money as a down payment plus some addition savings and slowly crept up the purchase price ladder.

Tell us about your first exotic car using the Exotic Car Hacks method…

Peter: 2010 Audi R8 V10, 26,000 kms, Bang Olufsen stereo, carbon fiber interior, and R-Tronic transmission.

Reason being, I wanted a reliable every day car with supercar performance numbers. (See our Audi R8 Buyer’s Guide)

Golf clubs fit on the ledge behind the seats. It was definitely an upgrade from my previous car. 

The dealership was wanting $135k (All prices are in Canadian dollars). I followed it for like 5 months and saw they lowered it to $130k.

I continued to follow it some more.

I offered $115k and they said no. I offered $115k two weeks later and they countered with $120k. I offered $115k once again two more weeks after and they finally said yes.

I flew out the next morning from Edmonton to Toronto. 

I put $90K down and used a personal line of credit for the rest for a couple months they paid it off. Up here in Canada we don’t get the low low financing like you guys do down there.

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How has Exotic Car Hacks helped you when it comes to car research and buying?

Peter: I use ECH mainly for keeping in the loop to get reassurance on what the car world is doing as far as what cars are maintaining their value.

Up here in Canada we basically only use and I follow the car world on the daily to see what new cars are on the market and which ones have been for quite some time.

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What is your best advice for someone looking to buy their first exotic?

Peter: Patience, I know it’s an exciting time being able to come up with the funds to buy that car you always thought would never happen.

However the more research that is done before a committed purchase is made, the more money you’ll save during your ownership.

How is your life different now with exotic car ownership?

C2AEROPeter: Nothing has really changed, it’s not my first ‘expensive’ vehicle having owned a Porsche 997 before for 4 years, where my monthly ownership was less than $330.00 a month for the whole time I owned the Porsche.

The biggest thing that changes is the attention created with the car at my age. The good and the bad.

The cops are always on the look, and lots of people will point and take photo’s.

You are more aware of the road with a low exotic. I mean you pay more attention in parking lots for curbs, driveway lips, potholes, staying farther back to avoid rock chips.

Whats next for you?

Peter: The million dollar question. I will move on from the R8, strictly due to kms and value.

I will keep my price point under $200K Canadian. Which would give me like a 2013 Gallardo, a 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS when they come down a bit more in price, Ferrari Italia 458, it’s still a stretch due to price point, or a newer v10 R8 again.

I have already inquired about ordering a new GT3 strictly for the purpose to resell over MSRP, not really what you preach about at Exotic Car Hacks, but the GT3 has a great history of maintaining value in the manual gearbox.


We here at Exotic Car Hacks would like to thank Peter for sharing his story with us.

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