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How "Car Hacking" allows Normal People to own luxury and exotic cars without large up-front capital while saving them money in the process

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Pejman Ghadimi is an entrepreneur with a passion for luxury lifestyle and a background in finance. Combining his talents and forecasting future trends, Pejman has launched a platform known as Exotic Car Hacks to educate people on how affordable the exotic car market is. Pejman has owned over 100 exotic cars, often hired by dealers to teach them this strategy, and has taught 4,000+ people the art of turning their liabilities into assets and enjoying luxuries without the negative costs associated with them.

What You Will Learn:

  • How luxury and exotic cars can actually cost you LESS money to own than regular cars.
  • The BIGGEST kept secret wealthy people use to own a new luxury car every few years.
  • How to find luxury and exotic cars BELOW market value without needing to be a master negotiator.
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    The exact method we use to buy luxury and exotic cars WITHOUT requiring cash. 

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This training was specifically created to help consumers understand what a financial risk conventional car ownership can be, and that there are better ways to luxury or exotic car ownership that do not require any large capital.

You need to attend this training... if you have or have wanted to own an exotic car, but were turned off by expensive repairs, depreciation, or high insurance costs.

Over 500 people last year switched from regular car buying or leasing to car hacking.

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Barry got this Lamborghini Gallardo!

“I should make about $10k to $15k profit after tax. Even if I sell this at a breakeven, I drove a Lambo for free!”

Jimmy got a McLaren 570S AND Audi R8 Spyder!

“Less than a year ago I never thought it was possible to own 2 of my dreams cars!”

John got this Audi R8 V10!

“With all the information I got from Exotic Car Hacks, I brought home a 2011 Audi R8 V10 in 6 speed manual!”

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