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How To Buy Your First (Or Next) Luxury Or Exotic Car In The Next 90 Days And Own It Completely FREE (Even If You're Starting With A Lower Budget)

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Training Agenda

  • Why luxury and exotic cars cost less money to own than normal cars. 
  • learn the "BCV" formula so that you never overpay or risk losing money.
  • Case studies of normal people buying their dream car for free and profit.
  • how you can fast-track your dream car in just one year (even starting from zero)
  • Stay until the end to get the best cars to hack in 2024 cheatsheet and lending approval 101 guide For FREE

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Luxury and Exotic Car Hacks isn't just a 'course'.

Its a complete suite of trainings, trusted car industry resources, and the largest community of luxury and exotic car enthusiasts in the world.

Most people have no idea where to begin, but with Luxury and Exotic Car Hacks, you'll be guided through the entire process so that you have the confidence to buy your dream car without making any critical or costly mistakes.

What takes most people decades to achieve, we have helped over 22,000 people turn their dreams into reality in as little as 90 days.

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here's what you get:

  • Lifetime Access to Luxury and Exotic Car Hacks - Over 12 hours of step-by-step training that walks you through the entire car hacking process from start to finish (updated 2024).
  • Bonus #1 - Access to our private Facebook group - Get direct access to 22,000 other car hackers for support, ask questions, and network with other members.
  • Bonus #2 - Ultimate List of Best Cars to Hack - Starting as low as $30,000, get the complete list of all the best cars to hack from luxury sedans, to SUV and trucks, and of course exotics.
  • Bonus #3 - Case Studies of All Our Personal Hacks - Learn the “true cost” of ownership, the pros and cons of each car, and what I would do differently if I to hack that car again.
  • Bonus #4 - Access To Industry Resources - Don’t waste thousands and time trying to figure this out. Get access to the exact resources we personally use for lending, insurance, service, transport, credit repair, & more.
  • Bonus #5 - Weekly Luxury and Exotic Car Deals Alerts - Get the best car deals delivered to your inbox each week. Target pricing is even provided. Most people pay $59/mo to access this. you get it for FREE forever.

what you'll learn

here's a sneak peak inside exotic car hacks where you'll learn how Anyone can 10X Their Car While Saving Money, Avoiding Costly Mistakes, And Lowering Their Monthly Payment

Module 1

Car Hacking Fundamentals

the revolutionary new way to own the nicest cars while keeping more money in your pocket

  • Why exotic car hacks is really a financial education platform around cars as alternative assets and the banking system.
  • Why conventional buying methods like leasing, buying new, and even used are dangerous, outdated, and causing financial ruin for millions of consumers.
  • The Dirty Truth Behind how car dealerships operate to milk consumers for every penny (and how you can fight back and beat dealers at their own game).
  • Why car hacking doesn't require dealers license or access to car auctions... and why this this has nothing to do with flipping cars or turo.

Module 2

Wealth preservation

the numbers behind luxury and exotic cars and how they can be driven for free or profit

  • Learn my “wealth transfer” strategy that allows me turn exotic and luxury cars from liabilities to assets, and own them virtually risk-free.
  • How To use Our Proprietary "Bottom Cash Value" Formula So That Your Money Is Always Protected... And Break-Even in Worst Case Scenarios.
  • The Truth About How Exotic Cars Depreciate (And Why Many Luxury And Exotic Cars actually INCREASE In Value As Time Goes On).
  • How to "recycle Money" over and over so you can upgrade cars every 6-12 months without having to invest more money.

Module 3

Research process

understanding the car market, what cars to look for, and where to find incredible deals

  • All The Best Luxury And Exotic Cars To Hack (For All Budgets) That Won't Depreciate, Are Reliable, And Have Incredible Resale Value.
  • My Step-By-Step Research Process For Sourcing The Best Cars To Hack, For Any Budget, Even During The Worst Car Markets.
  • How To Forecast future Car Values So that You can calculate your true cost of ownership and Minimize Your Risk Exposure.
  • Negotiation Strategies So That You Can Buy Cars Below Market Value... Regardless If It's A Dealer Or Private Seller.

Module 4

lending and credit

Exposing The Truth Behind credit, what Banks look for, Financing terms, And how to get favorable Loans

  • How To Leverage Banks And Credit Unions for Affordable payments So You Don’t Need To Use Your Own Money (even in Jun 2024).
  • Where To Get Low Interest Financing (Even If You Don't Have Perfect Credit) So That You Don't Have To Put Down Any Cash.
  • The Truth Behind What Banks Really Look For When It Comes To Approving You For A Loan (And The 4 Big Factors They Look At Above Everything Else).
  • How To Move Up The "Exotic Car Finance Ladder" And Get Approved For Huge Loans Even If You're Starting From Scratch And Have No Loan History.

Module 5

Buying process

how to navigate the complex car buying process while protecting yourself from costly mistakes

  • Everything You Need To Know About The Buying And Selling Process, Including All The Paperwork That You'll Encounter.
  • How To Never Worry About Mechanical Problems Doing One Simple Thing That Most Consumers Overlook Prior To Purchasing.
  • How to protect yourself from dealer scams, hidden fees, unnecessary upsells, and title fraud when closing the deal.
  • How To Buy cars Out-Of-State Sight Unseen And Get It Shipped Directly To You Using One Of Our Trusted Auto Transport Providers.

Module 6

ownership and Selling

how to minimize expenses and exit 6-12 months later for a enjoyable worry-free ownership experience

  • How To Insure Your Exotic Car For As Little As $100 Per Month With Comprehensive Coverage Using One Of Our Preferred Insurance Providers.
  • 100% Legal Tax Savings Strategies That You Can Do Yourself to save thousands of dollars Without Having To Consult A Tax Professional.
  • where To Get The Best Deals On Service, Parts, Or Repairs As Much As 80% Off What The Dealer Charges with our trusted shop list.
  • How To Sell Your Car Fast And Get Top Dollar... Including Best Places To List Your Car, Tricks To Weed Out Tire Kickers, And Examples Of Perfect Listings.

exclusive free bonuses

Join Today And you'll also get these 5 Bonuses FREE Created Specifically To Help You Hack Your Dream Car Faster Than Ever

Bonus #1: Access to Our Private Facebook Group

Not only do you get access to our world-class training, you also get instant access to our private Facebook group full of 22,000 other luxury and exotic car owners..

Ask questions, get second opinions on cars, ask for target price help, from myself and other members who actually own have real world experience.

Bonus #2: Complete List of Best Cars to Hack

How much would it help if you knew exactly which cars to hack, and which ones to avoid?

This cheatsheet is the complete list of cars that work best with our car hacking principles that can be owned for minimal cost (or free).

Want to work your way up? No problem, there are cars for every budget level (starting as low as $30k).

Bonus #3: Case Studies of All our Personal Hacks

How helpful would it be if you saw the cars we're hacking and the outcome?

Get access to our case studies for an inside look into our personal hacks and how we do it.

You'll see the true cost of ownership (down to the penny) associated with each hack including modifications, repairs and maintenance (if needed), and even taxes.

Bonus #4: Access To Car Industry Resources

Eliminate all the guess work and wasted time trying to figure this out on your own.

You'll get access to the exact same luxury and exotic car industry resources we personally use daily.

Everything from trusted mechanics, insurance connections, exotic-car friendly lenders, nationwide shipping, and more...

Bonus #5: Car Deals Sent To You Weekly (Forever)

Don’t have time to search for cars or know what cars to hack and what prices to pay? No problem.

Get the best car deals on the market delivered straight to your inbox each week forever.

These cars are all "hack qualified" and even include the suggested target pricing so there's literally no guesswork for you.

student success stories

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