What Financially Savvy People do to own luxury cars without worrying about losing money each time

It was summer of 2006 when I bought my first "nice car".

A Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG that cost over $75,000 brand new.

I'll never forget that day when I was handed the keys because this was a huge personal milestone for me.

As an immigrant to the US who fled the Iran war with my mother, I didn't have much growing up.

We bounced from city-to-city while my mom struggled to support us both.

It didn't take me long to realize that this wasn't the life I wanted to live, especially coming to a country known for it's immense opportunity.

Since my mom was older without a degree, not many companies would give her the chance, so I took on the burden of providing for the both of us (I still do to this day). 

Fast forward to 2006 when I was 22 years old and started making a decent salary as a bank manager when I bought the Mercedes E55 AMG.

Car guys know what that is, but at the time it was literally a German muscle car with nearly 500HP.

While I loved the car, I'm one to get bored quite easily so it wasn't uncommon for me to change cars every few months.

I bounced around a few other Mercedes, a couple BMWs, a Maserati, and ventured into Porsche when I bought my first dream car.

​But doing this presented a very large problem.

I was losing money with each car.

I tried leasing cars.

I bought cars brand new after negotiating down.

I even bought cars pre-owned.

Guess what?

No matter how I bought cars, I got burned and lost money every time I traded-in or sold my car.

Every. Single. Time. 

Thousands of dollars *poof * all gone.

I honestly thought it was 'normal' and just the cost of admission into the world of car ownership, especially high-end cars.

It wasn't until one of my clients stopped by the bank one day that would change the way I looked at cars forever...

Anna, a real estate investor, pulled up in her new Porsche 911 and I asked... 

"Anna, why is it every time I see you it seems like you're in a new car? Aren't you constantly losing money?"

She said.... "PJ, you need to stop looking at cars as liabilities, and learn how to make them become assets. It's no different than how I built my wealth in real estate."

It was that conversation that made me understand that financially-savvy people play the same game with an entirely different mindset.

From that point on, I changed the way I approached car buying and tried to beat dealers at their own game.

It took several attempts to 'figure it out', but once I started seeing a pattern of breaking even, and in some cases, selling cars for more than I paid for, I knew I was onto something.

Not only was I able to preserve my money, it actually worked BETTER on luxury cars that I love and enjoy so much that I didn't have to settle driving a Honda Accord (I would never own one even if given for free).

As a result, I've had the privilege of owning some of the nicest cars ever made with zero cost out of pocket.

Some of which include...

• Lamborghini Gallardo bought and sold for $20,000 more (could have kept to this day and still be free).

• Maserati Gran Turismo bought and sold for $9,500 more.

• BMW M5 bought and sold for $5,500 more.

• Aston Martin DBS bought and sold for $11,000 more.

Bear in mind I wasn't a multi-millionaire, I was just a regular guy with a good job.

I wasn't a dealer, nor did I have access to auctions.

I had simply figured out a way to strategically own cars without using all my cash or risk losing my equity in them.

It's something that I call 'car hacking'.

I will be transparent and admit that not all 'hacks' have been successful, but 9 times out of 10 now, if I follow my framework, I control the outcome every time.

So what did I do differently?

Look I know reading what I say is one thing and you might be thinking...

• "This is too good to be true."

• "No way I can afford any of those cars"

• "This is total BS"

I get it.

I, too, was once trapped in a box with conventional thinking.

So if you will allow me...

I want to earn your trust by showing you exactly how this works (including real case studies).

On the next page (no sign-up required), I've put together a short 45 minute presentation that will change the way you look at about car ownership completely.

If you've always wondered...

• Is leasing ​worth it anymore?

• How do I stop losing money on cars?

• How much car can I actually afford?

• How are all these young people driving cars I dream of?

• How can I buy my dream car without paying cash?

Then this 45 minute presentation is for YOU.

It's not just buy low, sell high. 'Car hacking' is much more in-depth than that.

However, what you're about to discover is NOT for everybody...

It will be different from everything you've read from so-called 'experts' on the internet, and challenge all the conventional thinking you've been accustomed to.

Just to be extra clear...

• This isn't for teenagers (sorry kids stick to Gran Turismo).

• You need a source of stable income with employment, as a business owner, or through investments. I recommend you earn at least $50k per year.

• Your driving record needs to be pretty clean. If you have recent racing tickets or a DUI, then you should probably re-consider your priorities.

• Lastly, your credit score needs to be above 600. If not, I suggest you to fix that ASAP. Good credit is not just for cars, but home mortgages, credit cards, etc.

So if you look like a good fit, I have something to show you.

I'm going to be laying out the exact 3 step process that I use to own luxury and exotic cars without worrying about depreciation, maintenance, or insurance.

It's the same strategy that I've used to help thousands of normal people save money while owning the dream car that they never thought was possible.

So if you want to become a driver and no longer a spectator, you are in the right place.

Click the button below to watch the free training (no sign-up required).

- Pejman "PJ" Ghadimi

PS: While this strategy works in any economic climate, it's actually working better NOW with the effects of COVID-19.

PPS: Even if you don't think you're ready to own an exotic car yet, what you'll learn on this training still works on luxury cars like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, etc.

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