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The Ultimate Blueprint To Owning Your First luxury or Exotic Car For Free Or Profit In The Next 90 Days

You made it to the end game and one step closer to unlocking the complete Exotic Car Hacks experience.

But remember... This is a limited-time offer.

60 minutes to be exact.

Once the time is up, this page will automatically redirect and you'll never be able take advantage of this discount and get all the bonuses.

I only want action takers to join Exotic Car Hacks.

If the free 7-part lesson series I gave you was enough then you're welcome.

If you want to continue your education and get the best training there is on owning cars for free or profit, then continue on...

Exotic Car Hacks is my flagship program that has helped over 8,500 students buy their first exotic car since 2015.

Inside Exotic Car Hacks you'll find 5+ hours of step-by-step video training that will teach you everything you need to know to buy a luxury or exotic car, and own it for free or even make a profit.

Yes, this works for complete beginners who know nothing about the car market.

Here's a preview of what you'll learn inside Exotic Car Hacks:

• Learn my “wealth transfer” formula that allows me to always protect my investment so that I don't risk losing any money.

• How to never worry about losing money on depreciation, repairs, or maintenance ever again with our pre-purchase checklist.

• All the best lenders (even with credit as low as 600) that will finance any car so that you don't have to put down any cash. 

• The best insurance providers that are “exotic car friendly" with full comprehensive coverage for as little as $100 per month.

• Everything you need to know about the buying and selling process, including all the paperwork that you'll encounter.

• An exclusive behind the scenes interview with an exotic car dealer who shares all the secrets they hope consumers don't know.

• Negotiation strategies so that you can get the price you want, regardless if its a dealer or private seller.

• And so much more...

Honestly this training alone is more than enough, but I want to make car hacking as easy as possible for you.

So if you take action today, I will also include these 5 free bonuses:

Bonus #1: Private Members-Only Facebook Group

Not only do you get access to our world-class training...

You also get instant access to our private Facebook group full of other car hackers.

Inside this group you'll find myself and other members who are happy to answer your questions and provide feedback on any deal you're looking at.

Bonus #2: Live Research And Negotiation Training

Watch "over the shoulder" as I walk you through my exact process for hunting car deals online...

Including some 'under the radar' websites that no one else is using.

You'll see how I identify good deals from bad, and get an inside look at my negotiation process to achieve bottom cash value.

Bonus #3: List of Best Luxury and Exotic Cars to Hack

Get our complete list of approved cars starting as low as $25,000 all the way up to $250,000.

You'll find everything from daily driver like SUVs, to true exotic cars, to even more affordable luxury cars.

Each car comes with a comprehensive buyers guide that covers common problems, which years are best, and how much you should pay.

Bonus #4: Case Studies of My Personal Hacks

Get access to my case studies at your finger tips for an inside look into my personal hacks.

I share the true cost of ownership associated with each hack including modifications, repairs and maintenance (if needed), and even taxes.

As always, these case studies are always updated with each hack in progress.

Bonus #5: 2020 Recession Bonus Training

An economic recession like the one we are facing only comes once in a decade.

Because of this opportunity, there will be no better time to buy a car than 2020/2021.

This all-new bonus training will teach you exactly how to navigate, and take advantage of these times.

Now you’re probably wondering how much this is gonna cost...

Here's the truth.

If you wanted me to personally source you a car, my fees start at $1,997.

I simply don’t have the time to help every single person who asks me to, which is why I created Exotic Car Hacks.

This way I can help as many people as possible without being directly involved in the process.

Exotic Car Hacks program alone is easily worth $9,997.

That's not some arbitrary number either.

That's on average how much each student saves on their first hack (not to mention the lifetime of savings they'll get with each car after).

Don't forget about all the bonuses you're going to get.

If I wanted to, I could sell just the bonuses alone for at least $4,997.

I don't want to just give you a training program.

I want to give you a training program plus all the additional tools and resources you need in order to be successful.

But you won’t pay $14,994

Hell, you won’t even pay 2% of that.

Instead, you can lock in a lifetime membership to Exotic Car Hacks for a one-time fee of...




Yes, only $297!

Now why would I price something like this? 


I want to help as many people as possible and blow you away with life-changing content.

I believe that in order to gain the trust of someone, you must lead with value and I hope I've accomplished that.

You've already seen how much free value I've given you with the 7-part free lesson series and all the additional free resources at the end. 

So you can only imagine how much value you can expect inside Exotic Car Hacks.

Here's a recap of everything you're going to get:

$297 Today Only

• Lifetime access to Exotic Car Hacks with 5+ hours of step-by-step video training modules on how to hack your dream car for free or profit.

Bonus #1) Instant access to our private members-only Facebook group where you can get 24/7 help from myself and other car hackers.

Bonus #2) Get all the case studies of actual hacks done by me. See breakdown of each deal and all the financial info like purchase price, sale price, repairs, modifications, etc.

Bonus #3) List of the best luxury and exotic cars to hack for as little as $25,000 ($300/mo) and comprehensive buyers guides with everything you need to know.

Bonus #4) Watch "Over The Shoulder" as I show you exactly how I search and analyze deals, including the actual negotiation scripts I use.

Bonus #5) Brand new training specifically on the recession. Know this information in order to be prepared and ready to take action when opportunity presents itself.

Now the ultimate question remains... Are you ready to hack an exotic or luxury car?

Have questions?

Below you'll find a list of the most frequently asked questions along with the answers.

If you have additional questions please use the chat box in the corner.

Q: Is there an age requirement?

Not really, but you should be at least 18 so you can at least make adult decisions.

Q: Do I need a dealers license?

No because we are not flipping cars, nor are we switching cars that frequently.

Q: Does this work in other countries?

This program was developed specifically to be leveraged in the US. However, we do have students in Canada, Australia, UK. No promises they work in your country.

Q: What is the refund policy?

Your purchased is backed by a 14-day refund policy if you decide that Exotic Car Hacks is not for you. But please... don't join if you don't plan on taking action.

Q: ​Isn't maintenance expensive?

No because part of the car hacking strategy is to avoid cars with issues. We teach you how to buy cars that free and clear of problems or need maintenance so that your ownership experience is stress-free.

Q: Does this work on normal cars?

No, it's called Exotic Car Hacks for a reason. If you're on a 'normal' car budget then luckily our strategies do work on certain cars as cheap as $25,000 (which we provide).

Q: How much money do I need?

You need a source of income: salary, investments, self-employment, etc. I recommend that you earn at least $50,000 per year and have a 600 and up credit score.

Q: Isn't insurance expensive?

Not if you know who to use. We provide you a list of trusted insurance providers that offer full coverage on exotics for as little as $100 per month.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?

No, this is a one-time lifetime fee. There are supplementary premium resources, but they're completely optional.

Q: Can I rent my car on Turo?

That's a terrible idea and up to your discretion.

Final thoughts...

If you're still on the fence about joining...

I'll leave you with the success stories of my actual students who's lives have changed after buying their first exotic with the strategies learned from Exotic Car Hacks.

Whatever you decide, the choice is yours.

But remember, once the timer expires, this offer is off the table.

No fake deadlines. No fake urgency.

You're either in or you're out.

I only want committed people inside Exotic Car Hacks.

I hope to see you on the inside.

- PJ

  • 5+ Hours of Step-by-step Video Training Content
  • All 5 Limited Time Exclusive Bonuses
  • Lifetime Access to Exotic Car Hacks Platform
  • 100% Satisfaction 14-Day Refund Policy

$297 Today Only

$997 Regular Price