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For the past 10 years Pejman Ghadimi has used this system to buy and sell over 100 personal luxury and exotic cars. His strategies has helped hundreds of people buy the exotic cars of their dreams for as high as 80% off its retail price.

What You Will Learn...

  • Explanation why exotic and luxury cars are actually BETTER cars to own financially than regular economy cars.
  • What “Wealth Transfer” is, and how to use it to get in and out of the hottest exotic cars WITHOUT losing money.
  • Why banks actually LOVE to lend you money to buy exotics, even if your credit is not perfect.
  • A good understanding of why dealerships are willing to lose money to sell you cars.

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vincewebVince Got an Audi R8

Vince bought this stunning Audi R8 right out of high school as a graduation gift to himself. Here’s proof!

vincewebJay Got an Aston Martin

Jay bought an Aston Martin as his very first exotic car, and he didn’t lose any money. Here’s proof!

vincewebDale Got a Lamborghini

Dale bought his dream car when he realized that exotic cars were more affordable than he thought. Here’s proof!

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Meet My Aston Aston Students

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