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Exotic Car Hacks Virtual Conference - June 2nd, 2024

Attend The World's Only Live Event Dedicated To Helping You save money and Own Luxury Or Exotic Cars For Free

Get The Inside Scoop On The Car Market From Industry Experts, learn strategies to help reduce your cost of ownership, And see How Normal People are owning their dream car without losing money

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Big Changes Are Happening In The luxury and exotic Car market... And Most People Aren't Prepared For What's Coming

Electric and hybrid cars are mandated to be majority of cars sold by 2032 (your window of opportunity is shrinking)...

Supply and inventory is through the roof for certain cars (more important than ever for Pre-Purchase Inspections)...

Tax saving strategies have gotten stricter (especially if you use the Montana LLC loophole)...

Dealers are still asking mark-ups on certain cars (negotiation strategies need to be tweaked)....

The list of cars you can own for minimal cost (or free) using the 'car hacking' methodology has changed once again...

And of course the big elephant in the room...

Yes, lending rates have gone up and the days of virtually free money are over (for now)...

But here's the good news...

Despite all of this, the rest of 2024 (and going into 2025) will present some of the greatest buying and selling opportunities ever.

With just a few tweaks to the 'car hacking' methodology adapted to today's car market... you can still own luxury and exotic cars for minimal cost (or free).

However, with the car market is constantly evolving, what worked just 6 months doesn't necessarily work today.

But don't let this stop you from owning the car you've always wanted...

Or even worse, making a critical mistake that can cost you thousands of dollars...

Because on June 2, 2024, we are hosting our annual live Exotic Car Hacks Virtual Conference.

This is where the biggest names in the luxury and exotic car world get together for an entire day to talk about the past, present and future of cars.

From CEOs of franchise dealers in the industry for over a decade transacting over $100 million annually...

To trusted luxury and exotic car providers in the insurance, lending, transport, and maintenance space...

And yours truly...

The Exotic Car Hacks Virtual Conference is unlike any other event in the world.

It's the ONLY event in the world dedicated to teaching people how to navigate the complex world of luxury and exotic car ownership WITHOUT losing money.

The best part?

It's 100% virtual, so you can attend from the comfort of your own home.

There's never been a better time to own your dream car and during this special 1-day event...

We're going to show you exactly why (and reveal everything you need to do to guarantee your success in 2024 and beyond).

It doesn't matter if you're a car hacking veteran who's hacked 10+ cars or you're a car hacking newbie who doesn't know where to start...

This is one event you can't afford to miss.

Meet Our guest Speakers

(More To Be Announced)  

Hunter Shaw

Founder, Exotics Hunter

As the founder of the Florida-based dealership, Exotics Hunter, Hunter Shaw is a veteran when it comes to buying and selling luxury and exotic cars. With 10+ years of experience in the dealer space, Hunter is an expert when it comes to sourcing cars, dealer scams, finding the killer deals in any market, and all things related to exotic car title, registration, and tax credits.

pejman Ghadimi 

Founder, Exotic Car Hacks

Since 2005, Pejman Ghadimi has bought and sold 300+ luxury and exotic cars from every major brand in the world. His revolutionary car hacking strategies let virtually anyone own their dream car without losing money or worrying about expensive maintenance, insurance, or tax costs. Over 22,000 students from all over the world have used his revolutionary strategies to own their dream car.

Exotic car hacks members

To Be Announced...

What better way to learn about luxury and exotic car buying and ownership than by hearing actual students implementing the car hacking strategy? You'll hear from everyday normal people who bought their dream car, what they could afford with their budget, and the exact process from where to get financing, negotiation tactics, and the complete ownership experience.

Nick Dossa

CEO/Founder, Vegas Auto Gallery

Nick Dossa is the CEO and founder of Vegas Auto Gallery and Lotus Las Vegas, the largest luxury and exotic car dealership in Las Vegas. Discover the perspective of a franchise dealer, how the dealers had to adapt before and after covid, and where Nick sees the future of luxury and exotic cars headed in 2024 and beyond.

Chad Cunningham

Wholesale Chad

Chad "Wholesale Chad" Cunningham is one of the nations biggest luxury and exotic car wholesalers. As a constant buyer and seller, Chad has a constant pulse on the market and wholesale values. In addition to that, he has built the largest online wholesale community with over 150,000 members on Facebook.

Mystery Guest Speakers

To Be Announced...

Let's just say we have a few surprises up our sleeve including some of the BIGGEST names in the car world that you're not going to want to miss. Surprise guest speakers will be announced at a later date.

Mystery Guest Speakers

To Be Announced...

Let's just say we have a few surprises up our sleeve including some of the BIGGEST names in the car world that you're not going to want to miss. Surprise guest speakers will be announced at a later date.

Exotic Car Hacks 2024 Virtual Conference Schedule

(More Sessions To Be Added)

June 2nd, 2024 - Starts At 11am EST

Session #1 - 2024 State Of The Car Market Address (Pejman Ghadimi)

  • The past, present, and future of the car market: Learn how the last few years have impacted the car market, the current state of the car market in 2024, and where things are headed for the rest of 2024 and beyond.
  • Macro vs Micro Markets: Discover what the difference is and why focusing on "micro level" exotics is the key to beat depreciation models and potentially drive certain models for free.
  • The 2024 Collector's Car Playbook: Discover how PJ invests in collector-grade cars for massive profits (and he already made $1 million dollars in profit just 4 months into 2024).
  • Discover how the rise of electric cars will impact the future of luxury and exotic cars and collectibility.
  • The Truth About Interest Rates: Why high interest rates simply don't matter when you hack the right type of car and actually gives you more leverage as a car buyer.
  • And much more…

Session #2 - How To Buy and sell exotics like a pro (Hunter Shaw)

  • Hunter's Simple Selling Formula: How to maximize the value of your car,  sell it faster, and for more money than your competitors (without putting a ton of money into it).
  • The biggest scams in the car industry today from title fraud, to stolen cars during transport, to odometer rollbacks (and how to avoid them).
  • Not All Dealerships Are Bad: How to build relationships with local car dealerships and leverage them for tax credits, allocations, and in and out deals.
  • Luxury and Exotic Car Trends: See which cars are in high demand and selling for premiums vs which cars are slow movers in todays market.
  • Hunter's special market analysis strategy to easily determine which car will give you the best "hackable exit" so you never risk losing money on car.
  • And much more...

Lunch Break - Quick break for lunch before our next session

Session #3 - The Art Of The Deal: How Negotiations Have Changed In 2024 (pejman Ghadimi)

  • How to increase your negotiation power by positioning yourself as a serious buyer that dealers would love to do business with. 
  • Why you shouldn't waste time working with the wrong person at a dealer and who you should be in contact with for a simple, fast, effective deal.
  • The #1 tool at your fingertips to give you leverage during the negotiation process to buy cars at fair or below market value.
  • The Fastest Path To YES: How to easily identify cars that sellers are desperate to get rid of (and position yourself as the obvious person to sell to).
  • How to use Pre-Purchase Inspection to get thousands off a dealers asking price or have them fix all issues at their cost so your ownership is worry-free.
  • And much more...

Session #4 - Confessions From The Largest Luxury And Exotic car Dealer In Las Vegas (Nick Dossa)

  • The state of the luxury and exotic car market post-COVID and why consumer expectations need to be re-aligned to reality.
  • How to use “market supply” to determine when is the right time to buy and predict when prices on cars are going to start increasing again.
  • The State Of Financing Cars In 2024: Hear Nick’s thoughts on getting approved for loans in 2024 (and the biggest levers you can pull to dramatically increase your chances of approval).
  • Car Hacking In Canada: Originally from Canada, learn how Nick would approach car hacking in Canada to minimize cost of ownership by as much as possible.
  • Which makes and models you should avoid completely because of over production, low demand, and values about to crash over the near 12 months.
  • And much more...

Session #5 - Behind The Scenes With one of the biggest exotic car wholesalers in the world (Chad Cunningham)

  • How chad moves 1,000 cars (no that’s not a typo) PER WEEK and became one of the biggest car wholesalers in the industry.
  • Discover the impact Covid had on the wholesale market and how dealer’s had to adjust their strategy to manage inventory in a post-pandemic world.
  • How Chad evaluates a car for purchase without fully inspecting it in person.
  • Car Scams in 2024: What you need to know about the latest car scams that are plaguing the market (including fake Carfax reports, title verifications, transportation scams, and more).
  • Why the future of the exotic car market is looking brighter than ever (and Chad’s predictions for the rest of 2024 and beyond).
  • And much more...

Session #6 - Leveraging luxury assets to level up your ride without losing money (Alec Smith, Exotic Car Hacks Student)

  • How Alex went from zero to averaging $30k per month profit flipping used luxury watches (and how he used those profits to hack his first exotic).
  • The biggest mindset “shift” you must make to successfully enjoy luxury assets (like cars and watches) without losing money.
  • How to strategically use luxury watches to help you improve your image, grow your network, and sell your car faster. 
  • Climbing The Exotic Car Ladder In 2024: Stop risking your own and learn how to get approved for loans even if you're starting from nothing (plus learn how Alex started with a $45k car loan and eventually hacked a Ferrari).
  • When Two Worlds Collide: Why the exotic car and luxury watch markets work so well together (and discover how to use cars, watches, and luxury assets to protect your money no matter what's happening in the market or economy).
  • And much more...

Session #7 - Exotic car hacks member case studies (various)

  • Dream Car Roadmap - Learn the exact steps you need to do leading up to hacking your first luxury or exotic car so that you are prepared when the moment arrives. 
  • Upside Down to Right Side Up: How to get out of a lease or car loan you are upside down on and rollover the negative equity into a luxury or exotic car that can help you recoup your losses.
  • How one member bought a $100k+ car as his very first hack even with little to no auto loan history and without being a multi-millionaire.
  • The Best Luxury and Exotic Cars for Beginners: See which cars we recommend for first time luxury and exotic car owners that are recession proof, no longer depreciating, proven to be reliable, and always in demand for easy resale.
  • Car Hacking Addicts: Learn how normal people are getting in and out of cars every year without worrying about losing money on depreciation, maintenance, and even taxes.
  • And much more...

Session #8 - Guest Speakers (TBD)

  • Announcements will be made once secured. Stay tuned.

Session #9 - Live Q&A with All guest Speakers

  • Ask any questions you have to our panel of experts and guest speakers about the car market, buying strategies, car values, forecasts, buying process, and more. 
  • Conference won't end until every last question is answered.

Why You Cannot Miss This Event If You're In The Market For A Luxury Or Exotic Car In 2024

Reason #1 - Stay Up-To-Date On The luxury and exotic car market

The car market is insane - dealer mark-ups, higher interest rates, tighter lending guidelines, supply shortages still...

But despite everything going on, there is no better time to buy your dream car than now.

And during the Virtual Conference, we'll show you the latest strategies to adapt to the ever changing car market so you can upgrade your car ASAP. But more importantly, do it without losing money.

Reason #2 - The Only Event Dedicated To helping people own their dream car 

No other event in the world like this exists. You have Cars And Coffee events for enthusiasts (but those are just for fun). Then you have events geared towards dealers (but that's strictly business).

There are ZERO events focused on helping the average person navigate the complex world of car buying to help them save money and reduce their cost of ownership.

If you love cars and want to learn how to how own your dream car without losing money, this is one event you can't afford to miss.

Reason #3 - updated list of the best cars to Buy In 2024 (and which to avoid)

The car market is constantly evolving. Some cars went up in price, and some went down. Then there are cars that have hit the majority of their depreciation with values holding steady.

This means there are not brand-new opportunities that didn't exist before. But that also means cars that were 'hackable' 6-12 months ago are no longer recommended.

And during the Virtual Conference, I'll show you exactly which cars you should and shouldn't go after.

Reason #4 - Get your questions answered live by real Car industry experts  

At the end of the event, we will hold a live Q&A where you can ask all the  speakers any questions you have about cars, the market, car hacking strategy, negotiation tips, car values, and more. 

These guys have graciously cleared their schedule to share insight with you, so  take full advantage of this opportunity. 

No question is off limits as long as it's relevant and the conference won't end until every last question is answered.

Reason #5 - car buying Strategies and advice for all budget levels

Owning luxury and exotic cars doesn't require a six-figure salary. In fact, you can enjoy some of the world's best cars for minimal cost starting at $30,000.

During the Virtual Conference we'll share strategies on buying affordable luxury cars you can drive up to 7,500 miles without impacting resale, hacking exotic cars for free or profit, and investing in collector grade cars.

So regardless of your budget or reason, there's a lesson to be learned for everyone.

Reason #6 - Get A Roadmap On What You Need To Do to buy your first (or next) car

It's time to get off the sidelines and into the car that you've always wanted.

By the end of this live event, you'll have a crystal clear roadmap to buy your first (or next) luxury or exotic car this year.

With advice from dealers and insights from actual owners.... there should be zero excuses why your dream car can't be in your garage (regardless of your budget).

What attendees from Previous Events had to say...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does The Conference Start?

It starts June 2nd, 2024 from 11am - 5pm EST

Are there any additional costs to the event?

Nope. Your ticket is “all inclusive” and includes access to all presentations, panels, and Q&A sessions.

Do I need to bring anything to the event?

No, because the event is 100% virtual, you need nothing more than a stable WiFi connection and hopefully something to take notes with.

So the event is NOT in-person?

Correct, it’s 100% virtual.

Are tickets refundable?

No, all sales are final.

Will The Event Be Recorded?

Yes, it will be recorded. You will receive a copy of the recordings if your purchase states it is included.

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