I’m the founder and CEO of VIP Motoring, a very unique concierge service focused on finding incredibly low wholesale deals on exotic cars and high end time pieces.

Having owned a dozen companies in the automotive space, many of which have dealt with all aspects of the exotic car world from the sales process down to the repair and customization of some of today’s rarest exotics, I have an intricate understanding of the exotic car world and its loopholes.

As an avid car collector, I have purchased well over 90 exotic and luxury cars in the past few years and have yet to date run into major issues, financial losses, or catastrophes that many claim to associate with exotic cars.

Over the years, I have mastered all aspects of the business and have figured out incredible loopholes in the exotic car world that allow you to buy, sell, trade, and profit from exotic cars.

These tricks include financial loopholes that enable you to own Lamborghinis for less than the price of Volkswagen Jettas with no money down, and in many cases even make money.

My teaching are not miraculous but rather a simple intricate understanding of the system, its strengths and weaknesses, and how to use it in your favor.

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Pejman Ghadimi