BMW I8 Buyers Guide

Electric cars. Since the birth of Tesla, it seems that every brand is hopping on board with their own rendition of the environmentally friendly car. However, BMW did something a bit more exciting with their take on the electric car. The i8 is has been a controversial car for me to talk about… so let’s just […]

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BMW F10 M5 Buyers Guide

BMW’s either you love them, or you hate them. But never the less, the German engineering brand gives others in its class a run for their money with every model they produce. The BMW F10 M5 is one of the most perfect culminations of performance and luxury that has ever hit the road. With its […]

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McLaren 570S Buyers Guide

The McLaren 570S has quickly become one of the hottest cars on the planet. It took the world by storm with its release at the 2015 New York International AutoShow, branded by many as the “Baby P1”. McLaren that this model and its variants will help to nearly triple the company’s sales volume by 2020, […]

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