What is Exotic Car Hacks?

My name is Pejman Ghadimi, and I am excited to introduce you to our community of savvy car buyers who would rather make money driving exotic and luxury cars rather than lose it.

We believe no one should have to drive a boring car, which is why we have created this platform to help people realize the possibilities of the car-buying world.

Our mission is to provide the education to participate in the market safely and expose the loopholes of the luxury and exotic auto markets that dealers have been hiding from you.

Between inflated dealer margins, sleazy tricks that border on theft, and backend deals no one talks about, there are tens of thousands of dollars being lost by consumers with each and every car purchase they make.

For the longest time, we have all been brainwashed that cars are always depreciating liabilities.

While this holds true for most cars, it doesn’t for all cars, especially not specialty cars or exotics.

Dealers, however, do nothing to educate people, as it doesn’t serve their primary interest: profit.

They leverage this misconception to their advantage in order to buy your exotics at obscenely low prices.

Of course, we understand dealers have to make money to stay in business, but they can still make money while without taking advantage of unknowing consumers.

This way, buyers can not only drive the car of their dreams, but to actually turn these hobbies (which can be a liability) into solid financial assets, allowing people like you to drive the car of your dreams at a fraction of the cost, at no cost, or even make you money (instead of the dealer).

Regardless of which you choose, it is better than the alternative of losing money on what you love: CARS.

For the past 10 years, we have been compiling resources, identifying dealer margins, and conducting research so that we can bring you some of the best luxury and exotic car buying information available out there.

With Exotic Car Hacks, you can make the deals you want, understand the financial models dealers will hide from you, and gain access to the network you need in order to help you eliminate or lower any costs associated with owning your luxury or exotic cars.

If it’s your first time joining us, we know that the world of exotic cars may seem overwhelming and filled with myths (often started by people who have never owned one).

This is why all of the data compiled or teachings you will find at Exotic Car Hacks are the by-products of my personal experience doing thousands of deals for myself and my clients – not just random stuff I have overheard somewhere.

Ownership is very different than speculation, and anyone who has ever put their own money on the line for an investment will tell you that those who think they know and those who have experienced are in very different leagues.

We don’t pretend here; we simply provide up-to-date information and knowledge based on facts.

How many times have you heard that exotic cars are expensive to fix?

Or that insurance is hard to come by?

Or that if you can’t afford it in cash, you shouldn’t buy it?

All of these are myths that prevent ordinary people from looking into extraordinary cars.

Sure, 20+ years ago much this was true, but today with the globalization of the market and the cross-pollination and acquisition of many exotic brands by major manufacturers, the game has changed.

Who Are Exotic Cars For?

Anyone living in the US or Canada can take advantage of our strategies, but our system was designed and created around the US and Canada’s financial markets and may need a few variations or tweaks to be optimized in other countries like the UK or Australia.

  • You are 18 years or older.
  • You have a credit score above 650 (if you don’t, we can help you) or cash to purchase the cars.
  • You have income or a job.
  • You are willing to study hard.
  • You ready to take action.

Once you meet these criteria, you could be like any of our students who never thought they could afford an exotic in just 90 days after taking our course.

Who is Pejman Ghadimi?

I am a well-known author, and founder of the financial firm VIP Motoring, which was the first wealth management company whose primary function since 2005 has been to find alternative assets such as cars, watches, and art as investments.

You may have also seen my other work where I teach entrepreneurship with my Secret Entourage since 2008 and also teach alternative asset investing with luxury watches with Watch Trading Academy.

However, more important than any of those things, I am also a giant kid at heart who has a passion for exotic cars.

While today I am well off financially, I still use the same cost-saving and money making strategies I teach with every single car I buy.

I am living proof of my own systems continuous success rate, outside of some of my students which you may have met here.

Years ago, I realized I couldn’t afford to drive anything I wanted, and certainly didn’t have enough money to buy many exotics at once.

Growing up poor to a single mother as an immigrant without formal education was no joke, but certainly enabled me to make up for my lack of financial resources with creativity and resourcefulness.

This pushed me to discover how to turn every car I bought from a liability into an asset, as well as leverage financial tools (since I had a long background in banking), to afford all I wanted without putting large amounts of money as down payments or needing to buy cash.

More importantly I had to learn which cars were actually investments and which were liabilities.

Understanding the best ways to buy lead me to understand what and how to buy, and it eventually became a process after doing this over 150 times in the past few years on my personal cars alone.

It’s a process so powerful that it has been adopted by many large scale exotic car collectors.

With each experience, I interact with new dealers and discover new margins, as well as new information on each and every car.

While this may seem like a new system that you have just heard of, it really isn’t.

In fact, I was helping my clients at VIP Motoring do this since 2005.

The only catch then was this investment system was reserved for those who had $5,000,000 or more in investable cash, and would allow me the freedom to go after cars above the $1 million mark.

In recent years, with more and more demand for entry-level exotics like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Maserati and so many more, I decided to refine and tweak my system to work for people who wanted to own an exotic without the headaches “everyone” said they would experience.

I refined my system and named it Exotic Car Hacks, a do-it-yourself at-home education platform that enables you to use these same strategies without having to pay me tons of money while retaining my support and gaining the support of our entire community.

By using these same strategies, I was able to buy a Porsche 911 Turbo at age 21, followed by a Lamborghini Gallardo when I turned 23, and every year since have owned different exotics and at times many simultaneously.

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Why Only Luxury And Exotic Cars?

Exotic cars depreciate differently, meaning that while the value of average cars eventually drops to $0 (scrapyard status), no exotic actually does.

In fact, their depreciation curves are quite different – often showing a stable period of no depreciation and in many cases appreciation after a certain amount of time.

By understanding which cars experience which curves of depreciation and understanding where along that curve the cars are, you are able to make calculated financial decisions around your exotics.

Hacking is making sure you pick the RIGHT CAR, not just the RIGHT PRICE.

As I’m sure you have heard, exotics can be expensive to repair if using conventional channels like dealerships.

This is why it’s so important to pick the right car, not just the cheapest one.

Not understanding this concept is another reason why so many first-time exotic car owners have horrible experiences.

The “right car” is the correct model with the correct option/color package in the right condition that not only will sell easily, but also will lead to minimal or no repairs during the time of ownership.

The proprietary methods we teach you will help mitigate any risk for repairs and ensure that what appears to be a good deal doesn’t result in a horrible experience.

Furthermore, in case of repairs or maintenance, we give you tools that enable you to save over 80% off dealer pricing.

This is the power of learning from those who have done, not just assumed.

The final piece is the financing.

Did you know that over 90% of exotics on the ground are financed, and it has nothing to do with someone’s ability to afford the car or not?

All of us who have worked hard to become wealthy understand that cash is king and that our money can make us money, which is why it would make no sense to tie it up into a car, especially if we know we can pull cheap money from the bank to help us bridge that gap.

There is a secret language that banks speak when it comes to exotic car financing allowing to getting a longer loan, with lower rates and with no money down.

It only works on exotics, and I want to teach you how to leverage that so you can make your own money work for you.

Does Exotic Car Hacks work?

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out our showcase of students who have followed my system and bought their dream car, often their very first.

I want you to drive a better car, plain and simple.

I also want to make sure you no longer lose money doing it.

Exotic Car Hacks is NOT just a website, it is an entire platform to teach you everything you need to know about owning the car of your dreams, at a fraction of the cost.

If you are ready to learn, become a member and get access to my training course where I will breakdown step-by-step everything you need to know to be able to buy, sell, maintain and trade exotic cars for free or for a profit.

The idea of Exotic Car Hacks is more than just teaching, it’s helping bring people together in our community so that we can all continue to make good financial decisions around what we are most passionate about: cars.

I look forward to helping you get the car of your dreams. After all, life is better in an exotic!

– Pejman

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