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for anyone in the market for a luxury car under $75,000...

Discover The New Strategy People Are Using To Own The nicest Luxury sedans, sports cars, And SUVs In The World for fREE (Even After Driving Thousands Of Miles)

The best part? you don't have to Use your own money, Can Add up to 7,000 miles per year without impacting resale value, and Recoup Most (if not all) of your money back...

One Time Payment. Zero Contracts. No Recurring Costs. 30 day guarantee

who says luxury cars are a waste of money?

I'll tell you exactly who says that...

Financial "experts" who suggest you can only afford a car based of a 'formula'.

People who buy luxury cars brand-new.

People who lease luxury cars.

And even people who buy luxury cars used.

In other words...

People who own luxury cars via "conventional" methods always complain about how luxury cars burn a big fat hole in their wallet.

Want to know the worst part?

They've come to accept that losing money on cars is completely 'normal'.

But what if I told you it didn't have to be this way?

What if there was a specific strategy that thousands of consumers are using to own the best luxury sedans, sports cars, and SUVs for their budget...

... that they can drive and enjoy everyday up to 7,000 miles per year and recoup the majority (if not all) of their money back when it comes time to sell?

Making the total cost to own some of the nicest and best luxury cars in the world virtually free.

That's what possible with the strategies inside Luxury Car Hacks.

Luxury Car Hacks is the only step-by-step training program in the world that teaches consumers how to buy specific luxury cars under $75,000 that they can own, drive, and enjoy for thousands of miles without losing money.

In fact, these same strategies have helped over 6,000 people upgrade to luxury cars they've never thought were affordable while helping them preserve their money.

So I hope you're ready to discover a new world of luxury car ownership... one that cut your ownership costs by up to 100% off.

Luxury Car Hacks Covers Everything You need to know to own luxury cars without losing money

here's just a taste of what's covered inside...

Risk reversal formula

The foundation behind car hacking And How luxury cars Can Be Driven For virtually Free (Or Profit)

  • understanding the "wealth Transfer" mindset so that you no longer look at just monthly payment but rather total cost of ownership.
  • The Truth About how luxury Cars Depreciate (And Why it's a hidden golden opportunity for consumers to enjoy luxury cars for free).
  • How To Use Our Proprietary "BMV" Formula to virtually eliminate any risk of losing money... or Break-Even In Worst Case Scenarios.
  • How To "Recycle Money" Over And Over So You Can Upgrade Cars Every 6-12 Months Without Having To contribute More Money.

luxury car rolodex

Learn the exact strategies for identifying and searching for the best luxury cars that you can drive for free (or minimal cost)

  • List of All The Best Luxury sedans, coupes, and SUVs To Hack (For All Budgets) That Won't Depreciate, Are Reliable, And Have Incredible Resale Value.
  • buyers guides of the best luxury cars so you know exactly what issues to be aware of, what years to look for, and what must-have options to get.
  • The best online websites and platforms to find deals and My Exact Research Protocol To Quickly Find Good Luxury Cars And Filter Out The Bad Ones.
  • The Simple Formula To Forecast Depreciation And Future Values To Calculate the right price And Mileage Allowance so that you won't lose any money.

Dealer Secrets Playbook

the inside scoop of how dealers operate and How To Navigate The Complex Car Buying Process While Protecting Yourself

  • Why leasing is one of the greatest modern scams in the world that is secretly causing financial ruin for millions of consumers.
  • The Truth Behind How Car Dealerships Operate To Milk Consumers For Every Penny (And How You Can Fight Back And Beat Dealers At Their Own Game).
  • How to get out of your lease or current car fast so that your negative equity doesn't keep compounding and how to recover from that.
  • How To Protect Yourself From Dealer Scams, Hidden Fees, Unnecessary Upsells, And Title Fraud When Closing The Deal ( Including All The Paperwork That You'll Encounter).

auto finance blueprint

Exposing The Truth Behind Credit, What Banks Look For, Financing Terms, And How To Get Favorable Loans

  • How To Leverage Banks And Credit Unions For Affordable Payments So You Don’t Need To Use Your Own Money (Even In Apr 2024.)
  • Where To Get Low Interest Financing (Even If You Don't Have Perfect Credit) So That You Don't Have To Put Down Any Cash for down payments.
  • The Truth Behind What Banks Really Look For When It Comes To Approving You For A Loan (And The 4 Big Factors They Look At Above Everything Else).
  • How To Move Up The "Car Finance Ladder" And Get Approved For Huge Loans Even If You're Starting From Scratch And Have No Loan History.

live hack hunting

Watch 'Over My Shoulder' And See The Exact Process For Finding The Best Luxury Cars Deals On The Market From Start To Finish

  • The Step-By-Step Research Process For Sourcing The Best luxury Cars To Hack, For Any Budget, regardless of car market or economy.
  • The best negotiation tactics for every scenario (email, phone, online) with private parties and dealers in order to achieve your target price.
  • How To Forecast Future Car Values So That You Can Calculate Your True Cost Of Ownership And Minimize Your Risk Exposure.
  • How to quickly analyze listings and uncover hidden gems or potential red flags like undisclosed accidents or shady dealer advertising practices.

community, resources, & support

Access To Our Exclusive private community, Rolodex Of resources, Case Studies, cheatsheets, And So Much More

  • Get Lifetime access to our private Community where you can ask questions and network with other members and luxury car owners inside.
  • Get Access To The same industry-leading Resources We Use For Lending, Insurance, Service, Transport, Credit Repair, maintenance, and More.
  • Case studies of successful hacks our members have done so you can see what cars are popular, how much they paid, and the outcome of their hacks.
  • Red carpet VIP support for any questions you'll have along the car hacking process to prevent you from making any critical or costly mistakes.

One Time Payment. Zero Contracts. No Recurring Costs. 30 day guarantee

6,000+ people have Used Our Strategies To Get In And Out Of Luxury Cars Without Losing Money. Are You Next?

One Time Payment. Zero Contracts. No Recurring Costs. 30 Day guarantee

8 Reasons Why Luxury Car Hacks is a must for anyone in the market for a luxury car or anyone that's tired of losing money

Reason #1 - make owning A Luxury car a smart financial decision

For years, you've been told that buying luxury cars are a waste of money. Using our proprietary "car hacking" methodology, we teach you how to own luxury cars without losing money on depreciation, taxes, or maintenance. You're going to spend money on a car anyways, so you might as well drive something 10x nicer in the process... without the headaches or fear of losing money.

Reason #2 - no longer pay cash or Risk using Your Own Money

Believe it or not, you don't need to be able to afford a luxury car in cash for it to be a smart financial decision. We'll show you how the world of luxury car lending really works, why you don't need to risk your own money, how to make your payments affordable, and how to recycle your money so you can level up your car each year without any down payments.

Reason #3 - Upgrade to the Dream car you've always wanted

With Luxury Car Hacks, you don't have to save up money for years or wait til retirement to upgrade your car. With our system, you can hack your first luxury car in just 90 days or less even if you've never bought a car before. Once you go through the training and see how affordable luxury cars are.... you'll wonder why you waited so long.

Reason #4 - Network With Other Successful Luxury Car Owners

Whether you like it or not... your car is a direct reflection of you. Drive boring cars and meet average people. Driving a luxury car expands your network to doctors, entrepreneurs, high achievers, young professionals, and opens doors you never knew imagined. Join today and get access to our Facebook community to network with other members.

Reason #5 - Beginner Friendly And Suitable For All Budget Levels

Finding the right car, buying it at the right price, handling negotiations, paperwork, etc... can all be overwhelming, especially if you've never done it before. But don't worry, everything inside Luxury Car Hacks was designed with first-time and budget conscious car buyers in mind. Regardless if you budget is $30k or $75k, this can 100% work for you.

Reason #6 - Life's Too Short To Drive A Boring Car

Let's face it, life's short. You worked hard, saved your money, followed all the rules... but at the end of the day, still drive a beat-up Honda Accord. What gives? Luxury Car Hacks isn't just about owning a nicer car. It's about the experiences you share with others, the people you meet along the way, and the journey that turned your dream into reality.

Reason #7 - drive thousands of 'worry-free' miles without impacting resale value

If you could drive up to 7,000 miles per year without making a dent on your cars value... wouldn't that change what car you drive? Most people fall victim to buying the wrong cars, for the wrong price, and using the wrong strategies like leasing. Add it all up and its a recipe for financial disaster. With Luxury Car Hacks, all that goes out the window.

Reason #8 - Build the foundation to get in better, more expensive cars in the future

Luxury Car Hacks is a stepping stone into the world of luxury and exotic cars that cost $100,000 or more. By hacking lower budget luxury cars today... it builds the foundation to get future lending approval by optimizing your finances, improving your credit, building your car loan history, and much more.

One Time Payment. Zero Contracts. No Recurring Costs. 30 day guarantee

frequently asked questions

What are the requirements to hack your first luxury car?

We recommend at least a 650 credit score and a minimum $50k/year income for best results.

How much money do I need to get started?

We recommend anyone that joins to have a source of income. IE: Job, investments, self-employed, etc. We would NEVER want you to take on a financial burden that you cannot handle. The amount of money needed varies for every individual based on wants, credit, savings, income, etc, but we recommend at least $50k/year.

What if I have bad credit?

Consumers with bad credit may have a harder time utilizing our strategies. However, we do work with more lenient lenders that may approve you for financing. We have helped our students with zero prior loan history get approved for exotic car financing. And we have trusted partners who can help boost your score too.

Does this work on Teslas? 

No, our training does not apply to Teslas or any battery powered car.

What is the refund policy?

You're protected by our 30 day 100% money back guarantee. So for ANY reason if you’re not happy with your purchase, just shoot us an email within 30 days and we’ll happily refund all your money back.

Does your system work with ____ car?

Our system works with a wide variety of luxury cars that cost up to $75,000. The car market is constantly evolving but we've had students hack cars from brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Maserati, and much more.

How long will it take to get results?

You can start making progress in a matter of days and as long as you follow the program as laid out, there's zero reason why you can't hack your first luxury car within 90 days or less.

How many miles can I drive?

Typically we recommend anywhere from 5,000 to 7,000 'free' miles that can be driven over the course of 12 months. However, this will vary from car to car and consumer to consumer. You mileage may vary (pun intended).

One Time Payment. Zero Contracts. No Recurring Costs. 30 Day guarantee

to recap... Here's Everything You Get When You Join Luxury Car Hacks Today

Everything You Get with luxury car hacks:

  • Lifetime access to Luxury Car Hacks - 6+ hours of step-by-step training That Walks You Through The Process Of Hacking Luxury Cars that you can own virtually free.
  • Risk reversal formula - Discover the in-depth "BMV" formula so that you can virtually eliminate all the risk of losing money on your car before you even buy it.
  • Luxury Car Rolodex - Get A List Of All The Best Cars You Can Hack For Any Budget Up To $75k And For Any Situation Regardless If You Want A Sedan, Coupe, Or Luxury SUV.
  • Dealer Secrets Playbook - Learn how the buying process and dealers work so that you can be equipped with knowledge to beat dealers at their own game.
  • Auto Finance Blueprint - Where to find 'luxury car friendly' lenders and How To Get Approved At Ultra Low Interest Rates To Significantly Lower Your Monthly Car Payment.
  • Live Luxury car Hack Hunting - Watch 'over my shoulder' and See My Exact Process For Finding The Best Luxury Cars Deals On The Market From Start To Finish.
  • Private Members-Only Facebook Group - Get Direct Access to Other Car Hackers Where You Can Ask Questions, Get Support And Network With Local Members.
  • 24/7 access and VIP Level Support - With our help and support, there's virtually no situation where you Can't hack your first luxury car in the next 90 days.
  • Free lifetime updates - The car market is constantly evolving so we'll be sure to update the training as necessary to keep you on the cutting edge of car hacking.
  • And much much more!

Retail Price  = $497


One Time Payment. Zero Contracts. No Recurring Costs. 30 Day Money back guarantee