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Exotic Car Hacks 2022 Virtual Conference

Brand New Strategies + Recession Proof Car Hacking + Everything You Need To Know To Hack Your Dream Car in 2022 And Beyond

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Car Buying has changed forever: The Last 2 Years Are Unlike Anything We've Seen Before...

learn what happened, where the car market is going, and how i made 7-figures during what people said was the "worst time to buy a car"

Where: From The Comfort Of Your Own Home
When: Sunday, August 21, 2022 (10AM-5PM EST)

The last event we held for Exotic Car Hacks was back in 2019.

This was before COVID, before the crazy price surges, and before the whole world turned upside down.

But with inflation sky high, a recession looming (or already here), and the exotic car market going through some major changes...

People are starting to panic. 

For 3 years, we didn't hold any events for Exotic Car Hacks.

But that all changes on August 21, 2022.

Because we're bringing the Exotic Car Hacks conference back.

And this time, it's 100% virtual (which means you can attend from the comfort of your own home).

Why Now? Why wait 3 years to host another event? 

Because after speaking to hundreds of members... there is still uncertainty with everything going on.

But what if I told you that the next 12 months present one of the greatest opportunities for ANYONE to hack their dream car. 

I don’t want to sound dramatic…

But this might just be the most important conference we’ve ever held.


Because after 2.5 years of the car market skyrocketing, things are finally slowing down.

No, I'm not expecting a crazy crash where all exotics lose 80% of their value.

That will never happen.

But a correction is happening.

And you better be ready to make moves. 

Opportunities like this literally happen once every decade. 

During the 2008 recession, I made a fortune hacking cars. 

Right now I'm adding cars non stop to my collection from used luxury cars, to new car hacks, and  all the way up to hypercars.

So what gives gives me the confidence to constantly buy these cars without fear of losing money?

Well all that and much more is exactly what we're going to cover at the 2022 Virtual Conference.

Featuring presentations from myself, experts in the exotic car industry, and interviews with our very own Exotic Car Hacks members....

This is one event you can't afford to miss. 

Meet Our Speakers 

Hunter Shaw

Founder, Exotics Hunter

As the founder of the Florida-based dealership, Exotics Hunter, Hunter Shaw is a veteran when it comes to buying and selling luxury and exotic cars. With 8+ years of experience in the dealer space, Hunter is an expert when it comes to sourcing cars, dealer scams, finding the amazing deals in any market condition, and all things related to title, registration, and tax credits.

pejman Ghadimi 

Founder, Exotic Car Hacks

Since 2005, Pejman Ghadimi has bought and sold 300+ luxury and exotic cars from every major brand in the world. His revolutionary car hacking strategies let virtually anyone own their dream car without losing money or worrying about expensive maintenance, insurance, or tax costs. Over 18,000 students from all over the world have used his revolutionary strategies to own their dream car.

Exotic Car Hacks Members

Our Top students 

Nothing beats hearing real-life case studies from regular people who have gone on to hack not just one car, but often times multiple. Which is why we invited some of our top students from Exotic Car Hacks to speak at the conference. Learn about their hacks, their stories, and what they did to own their dream car in record time. 

Rob O' Connell

Founder, Excell Auto Sport and Service

Excell Auto Sport And Service is one of the most renowned luxury and exotic car service shops in Florida. And with over a decade of experience, Rob O' Connell has seen it all. Regardless if you need maintenance or performance upgrades, Rob can do it all... making him one of the top mechanics in the world and an expert in all things service, mods, and repairs.

Exotic Car Hacks 2022 Virtual Conference Schedule 

August 21, 2022 (10AM - 5PM EST)

Session #1 - 2022 State Of The Union Address (Pejman Ghadimi)

  • Welcome and Exotic Car Hacks community updates.
  • The New Rules Of Car Hacking: What the past 2 years have taught us about the exotic car market and what to expect in the future.
  • Why the 90 Day Rule doesn't apply in today's market (plus the new strategies I use to buy cars that have been sitting for as little as 1 day).
  • Why PJ plans on pouring millions of dollars into exotics during the upcoming (or current) recession. 
  • Recession Proof Car Hacking: How to find killer deals during a recession (no matter what your budget or experience level is). 
  • How to invest in "collector grade" exotics for virtually no risk and massive profit.
  • Big changes are coming to lending and financing - learn how you to convince banks to lend you an infinite amount of money even during a recession
  • Learn what PJ thinks are the best cars to hack today (for any budget).
  • And much more…

Lunch Break - Quick break for lunch before our next session

Session #2 - Dealer Scams And Red Flags In 2022 (Hunter Shaw)

  • Hunter's simple process to quickly and properly vet any dealer or seller.
  • The common red flags you need to look out for when dealing with a shady dealer and buyer too.
  • How Hunter is able consistently source high end exotics during any market condition and pay bottom cost value for them.  
  • How to maximize the value of your car when you sell without putting any extra money into it. 
  • How to protect yourself as a buyer so that you don't deal with title issues.
  • And much more...

Session #3 - Exposing the servicing and repairs market (Rob O' Connell)

  • How to physically inspect any car in-person (with real examples) and what to look out for, even if you're not an expert mechanic.
  • The best mods to get done to ANY car to instantly increase its value.
  • Why 95% of service and repair shops are ripping you off (and how to easily vet the next shop you work with).
  • Everything you need to know about Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) and what issues are considered minor or serious.
  • And much more...

Session #4 - Exotic Car Hacks Member Showcase

  • How one Exotic Car Hacks member hacked 4 exotics in less than 2 years starting from scratch and profited each time . 
  • The selling strategies one student used to sell his Aston Martin for $26,000 profit in just 3 days. 
  • How one member bought a $100k+ exotic car as his very first hack even with little to no auto loan history.
  • The process one Exotic Car Hacks member used to pay almost zero dollars in taxes on his supercar.
  • How an Exotic Car Hacks member went from owning a banged up mini van to owning a Lamgorghini Gallardo.
  • And much more...

Session #5 - Live Q&A with All Guest Speakers

  • Ask any burning questions you have to our panel of experts and guest speakers. 
  • Conference won't end until every last question is answered.

6 reasons Why This Is A "Can’t Miss" Event For Car Hackers 

Reason #1 - What to do in the event a recession is upon us and how you can capitalize on it

Exotic car prices have been going up since COVID started back in 2020. Now things are starting to simmer down. And it’s like they say…”buy the blood.” I made a fortune during the 2008 recession, but only because I was smart about which cars I bought. During the Virtual Conference, I'll show you exactly how to navigate the upcoming recession with ease and my exact game plan on how I play to make multiple 7-figures owning the the worlds best exotic cars.

Reason #2 - This is The Only Event In The World Dedicated To helping people own their dream car

Let’s be real - no other event like this exists. Because let's face it, nothing else like car hacking exists. Sure there are other events about cars or for dealers. But there are virtually zero events about owning your dream car for free or profit. If you love cars and want to learn how to how own a luxury or exotic car without being rich, this is one event you can't afford to miss. And there's no better way for you to learn how by hearing from everyday normal people who did it themselves.

Reason #3 - Understand What’s Working Today In the car hacking game 

Like any industry, the exotic car market is constantly evolving... and boy has a lot changed in the last 2 years alone. Get the low-down on what’s working today, what’s not working anymore, and what will continue to work 6-12 months from now. And remember, every tip, strategy, and secret you hear from this event is battle-tested in real life. I'm personally buying and sourcing over 50 cars a month so I have a live pulse on the market. We don’t operate in theory here at Exotic Car Hacks.

Reason #4 - Get your questions answered live by real experts (not 

Near the end of the event, we will hold a live Q&A where you can ask PJ, Hunter, Rob, and all the other speakers any questions you want about exotic cars and car hacking. These guys charge hundreds/thousands of dollars for their time, so please take advantage of this opportunity. We will stay until every last question is answered.

Reason #5 - Learn How To Make A Fortune By Investing In Exotic Cars

I always say the #1 goal of car hacking should be for fun, pleasure, and personal enjoyment. And making any money when you sell the car is icing on the cake. But with the upcoming recession, the opportunity to make a fortune on certain types of exotic cars is too great to ignore. During the Virtual Conference, you'll learn my exact investment strategy when it comes to exotics and the cars I'm parking my money in for insane ROI.

Reason #6 - Get A Clear Roadmap On What You Need To Do to hack your first exotic in 2022

Too many people have been sitting on the sidelines with fear and lack of confidence because of the car market. By the end of this event, you'll have the exact roadmap you MUST follow in 2022 (and beyond) to become a successful car hacker. Whether you're trying to hack your first exotic or your 10th, you'll have a crystal clear guide of what you'll need to do to be in your very own luxury or exotic car.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does The Conference Start?

It starts August 21, 2022 from 10am - 5pm EST

Are there any additional costs to the event?

Nope. Your ticket is “all inclusive” and includes access to all presentations, panels, and Q&A sessions.

Do I need to bring anything to the event?

No, because the event is 100% virtual, you need nothing more than a stable wifi connection and hopefully something to take notes with.

So the event is NOT in-person this year?

Correct, it’s 100% virtual.

Are tickets refundable?

No, all sales are final.

Will The Event Be Recorded?

Yes, it will be recorded.

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