Tough Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Exotic Car

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Going to the dealership to buy a used exotic car using our strategies can be fun, but also very critical as buying the car right can almost guarantee a profit or a loss if you don’t. The goal of seeing the car for the first time is to not only do your due diligence on inspecting the car, but also on setting up your negotiation strategy by understanding how much money the dealer has invested in the car. This allows you to understand how and what to offer that will close a deal.

The salesman will ask you a series of questions (typically during a test drive) that will give them similar information. They will ask you what you drive now (to see if you are upgrading or not). They will ask you if its financed and if you will trade (understanding your financial situation).  Finally, they will even talk to you about your monthly payment to give them a gauge of affordability as it pertains to this next car. Every question is a trap and usually not required to answer during the test drive so it is best to deflect such questions.

The same way, however, you can start asking questions to determine how much money they have in their car and get some basics to help you later on. Ask the following questions and you’ll be bound to make a more educated offer.

  • Did the car come from auction or from a trade?

Cars that are purchased at auctions are usually much cheaper, than those which were acquired by trade. When dealers trade, they tend to sometimes be more generous in order to close a deal. So when a car comes from auction, it is typically easier to know how much dealer bought it from.

  • When was it serviced last and can they provide documentation?

Trying to understand how much the dealer did mechanically or aesthetically when buying the car once again gives you a good gauge of how much money the dealer put into it on top of the money he paid for the car itself. The more it needed, the cheaper they bought it and therefore it may create a better opportunity to buy it.

  • What was the original listed price?

Whatever the price is today, gauge how far it is from what the original listed price was. It is best to know what the original price started at to determine how much they must get for the car. Ask how long the car has been sitting and if it was reduced. If so, how many times or from what amount. You want to buy a car that is aggressively priced to get the hell out of there.

The principles here at Exotic Car Hacks should be enough to help you save thousands off your next car, and still give you the ability to buy the car you want, not the auction car no one wants.

Pejman Ghadimi

For the past 10 years Pejman Ghadimi has used this system to buy and sell over 60 personal luxury and exotic cars. His strategies has helped thousands of people buy the exotic cars of their dreams for as high as 80% off its retail price.

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