Project Skyfall – 2014 Aston Vanquish VAP Power Kit

I have always had a soft spot for Aston martin cars. If you have been following my YouTube reviews of my past cars  then you know that I have not only made good money on my last 3 Astons, but also have rekindled my personal love for them.

My latest Aston Vanquish is a project of precision, as this will now be my third time modifying a second-generation Vanquish. With practice comes perfection.

For this latest project, which started as a 2014 Vanquish in Skyfall Silver, I decided to find a car that had a few miles on it, bringing the value in the exact lower range of dollars necessary to drive for free.

Starting there was just the beginning thanks to Excell Auto for helping me locate this car. After 2 weeks of ownership the game began and we followed through with the following modifications:We took about 15 hours of intensive labor at to change the headers, cats, exhaust and suspension all provided by and followed up with a beautiful set of HRE P103 Wheels in 21” format provided by Wheels Boutique wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport tires.

The wheels had to be finished in gloss graphite to provide contrast to the silver and match the depth of the carbon accents on the car. Most opt for black wheels, which end up taking too much of the visual away from the car. In this particular instance, I specifically wanted the P103 to keep an “OEM plus” look and make sure the car didn’t lose what made it an Aston to begin with.Pure elegance meets Pagani sounding performance is the best way to describe the car with the Velocity AP power pack, which I cannot recommend enough if you have a V12 modern Aston.

If you do not yet have had the chance to experience the incredible sound of a V12 Aston, I recommend becoming an Exotic Car Hacks insider so you too can learn how to drive them for free.






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