10 Tips for First Time Car Buyers

It’s time to buy your first car, and if you haven’t yet, we highly recommend you become an insider now as you will gain so much of the information you wish you had after you actually sign for your first car. If you don’t want to get ripped off before you walk into a dealership, then walk in with the knowledge of how things work and use some of these basic tips to help you navigate your way.

1. NO car salesman is your friend. No matter how friendly you are with the guy before you buy your car, or that you’ve known him for a while, or even that you went to the same school; the guy or gal is there to sell you a car, and the more they sell it to you at the more he or she makes.

2. Do NOT buy from dealers that have fixed margins. If dealers say nothing is negotiable; walk away.

3. Understand how to check if a car has been in an accident, and do not trust CARFAX reports.

4. Learn dealer terminology. Do not assume that CARFAX certified means anything. It’s all jargon to make something average seem more expensive. You can see a list of terms in our insider guide.

5. Do your research online first; look at comparable cars in the United States, do not look close to home as the car market is national.

6. Do NOT trust the dealer’s mechanics. Have any used car out of warranty checked by an independent shop that deals with those cars often.

7. Buy value, not price. Do not get fooled by the lowest priced car, and do not automatically assume more expensive is worth more. Look at our insider guide on how to value what a car is really worth.

8. Do NOT be impulsive, because every dealer has a story that they received many calls on that car or that someone else is working that car. That is a sales strategy, and even if true it’s irrelevant. If a car isn’t sold, then it is available, period.

9. Unless you plan to use the dealer for service, which is meaningless and a waste of money, do not worry about the dealer telling you they are losing money to make the deal. Dealers don’t lose money on car sales, they lose money on cars they don’t sell. Don’t confuse the two.

10. If you have a friend who buys a lot of cars, take him with you because having someone who understands these processes is important.

Follow these 10 basic tips and understand the training we share with you as an Insider, and you will save thousand of dollars on your next car.

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