Aston Martin V8/V12 Vantage Buyers Guide

The modern evolution of a timeless classic will be the focus of our buyer’s guide today. A car that has taken the world and us hackers by storm and kept us in a chokehold for ages, the Aston Martin Vantage.

Most seasoned hackers, myself included, have owned one of the previous generations of this model in either engine configuration at least once or twice. For me about 3 or 4… but that just means I liked it.

These cars are great hacks, the depreciation curve is predictable, the badge is impressive, and the drive is easy enough not to scare you but enjoyable enough to where you won’t be bored within a month.

Plus you get to feel likes James Bond.

Aston does a phenomenal job at ensuring the evolutionary growth of the brand keeps up with the modern times and demands of the public whilst also staying true to its founding principles: beauty, power, and soul.

If you are wondering if a Vantage is right for you to add to your garage, keep reading to find out.

Driving Experience

Both of the variations have undergone some serious upgrades, both internally and externally. Save for the deletion of the crystal key (BOO YOU, ASTON!).

But let’s talk about them one by one for the sake of comparison.

The V8 variation of the Vantage has been tuned up to offer 503 horsepower, capable of a top speed of up to 195 miles per hour and a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds. This car also has a roadster variation for those who like a top-down experience.

The new body is quoted as being perfect with a lightweight aluminum frame for lightweight durability and near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution, you have a perfect blend of function and form. The interior is elevated in style greatly from those examples of the past. The cockpit is redesigned with a more intricate center console with a unique design that blends together the gears, the navigation, the radio, and AC controls seamlessly.

The V12 variation of the Vantage is going to be my favorite, hell I overpaid like a dumbass to be able to own one brand new. But if this thing isn’t one of the most beautiful cars I have ever owned…

This beast has 700 horsepower, is capable of a top speed of 200 miles per hour, and boasts a 0-60 time in 3.5 seconds. Making it the fastest and fiercest Vantage ever made, I feel like Britain’s greatest spy would approve (Also available in roadster format).

The V12 gets some bonuses that the V8 does not in terms of performance. It gets a stiffened suspension, new adaptive damping and bracing, and an overall lighter body weight with fully enhanced aerodynamic features like the rear wing and body vents; they say it is dressed for its finale.

The V12 also has that elevated interior feel that the V8 gives, more intricate and unique than the previous generations and meant to invoke a sense of style and beauty that translates from the inside out and the outside in.

Aston Martin Vantage V8/V12 Common Problems

With the generational shift of the Vantage, we are still seeing what new problems come out as time goes on.

With a good amount of these cars are still under warranty from a time standpoint, as Aston boasts a 3-year unlimited mile basic and 3-year unlimited powertrain warranty, being introduced in production from 2018-present.

However, some issues have been reported on these cars, and they are ones that you want to keep your eye on and ensure you get a Pre-Purchase Inspection to avoid incurring these issues during your time of ownership.

Some airbag issues have required recalls, so make sure that your Vantage has been taken in and cleared of those necessary recalls before taking ownership.

Electrical System problems sometimes can affect these cars and it is an issue seen back into the older variations, but it is more an aston issue than anything. Sometimes, there are glitches in the navi system, and lights will pop on and off in the dash, so ensure you get this diagnosed by having your PPI shop run codes of the ECU.

Squeaky brakes are also something people have reported a lot with these variants, but it isn’t any worse than any other exotic with high-performance brakes on it. So just be mindful of that and know it is to be expected and unless a brake pad/rotor issue is found at PPI, then most likely it is just a character flaw you will learn to deal with.

Best Aston Martin Vantage V8/V12 To Buy

The Astons come with a variety of ala carte options that all help add money to the stickers. Knowing the sticker price of an Aston is essential, as it helps work towards the deprecation curve, and you can end up owning a crazy sticker amount car for way less by just buying a model that is a few years older.

Here is a list of options that the newer generation Astons can come with, The more of these, the better:


  • Carbon Fibre Interior Package
  • Semi Aniline Inteiror – Duotone
  • Alcantara®/Semi Aniline Inteiror – Monotone
  • Alcantara®/Semi Aniline Inteiror – Duotone
  • Carbon Fibre Performance Seat (6-way adjust)
  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • Black Alcantara® and leather steering wheel
  • Interior Jewellery – Dark Chrome


  • Lightweight Package
  • Optional Paint Palettes – Solid/Metallic/Signature Metallic/Racing Line/Satin/Special/Heritage
  • Optional Graphics Schemes – Pinstripe/Lipstick and Rear Infill/Door
  • Optional Lower Body Package – 2×2 Twill Carbon Fibre
  • Optional Upper Body Package – 2×2 Twill Carbon Fibre
  • Rear Wing Delete
  • 21″ Wheel – Satin Black Diamond Turned
  • 21″ Lightweight Wheel – Satin Black
  • Optional Brake Caliper Colours – Grey/Yellow/Red/Vivid Orange/Bronze
  • Tail Lights – Smoked
  • Exhaust Tailpipes – Bright
  • Aston Martin Black Wings and Script Badges


  • Infotainment – Touch Pad Control
  • Aston Martin Tracking
  • Garage Door Opener (GDO)
  • Aston Martin Premium Audio System
  • Heated and Ventilated Seats
  • Privacy Glass
  • Umbrella and Holder
  • First Aid Kit

Mainly, you want to focus on obtaining as much carbon fiber on the interior and exterior as possible, as not only does it help the sticker, but it looks better, too.

Also, ensuring the color combination of your Aston is something that is going to be universally loved. A lot of strange colors came out with the new Vantage models, and you want to ensure that those, while unique, are ones that maybe you stick away from in favor of the classic silvers, blacks, whites, reds, etc.


This will be the end of an era for Aston Martin, with one of the most iconic models fading away from the brand’s lineup. It is a chance to own a piece of automotive history that goes back almost two decades, with the first release being in the mid 2000’s.

This is a modern-day take on a timeless classic that you have the chance to own and enjoy whilst also ensuring you don’t lose an arm and a leg thanks to the ECH principles.

Hack-Ability Meter:

V8                                                                                                         v12


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