Best Luxury and Exotic Cars Under $75,000

One of the most common questions we get asked by new members is “What are the best cars to start out with?” While everyone has a different perception of what is hot and what is not, there are some undeniably good deals.

This three part series will show you the best bang for the buck cars broken down in $100k, $75k, and $50k price points.

The cars in this list can all be bought for under $75k with relatively low miles and high options.

Obtaining these cars at the optimal price point gives leverage to you on both the purchase and the potential resale in terms of price.

Nissan GT-R

A famous JDM beast in it’s own right. GTRs have a long written history being some of the most incredible driving machines and the new GTR is nothing less than impressive. While some of the thrill of manual driving is taken away thanks to modern driving technology, the driveability is strong and the reliability is high. While the Track edition is preferred in terms of a resale standpoint, all trims have seemed to hold relatively well in relation to their original MSRP. If you’re looking for a sports car that can also be driven to the grocery store, the Nissan GTR has got to be on your list. Prices on the market now float from anywhere between $80k to $55k based on miles and trim models. To ensure you aren’t getting a half-dead race car, get a PPI done so you aren’t taking on a burden.

Dodge Viper GTS

The Dodge Viper has to have a rightful place on this list. Being designed to be a full on track beast by Dodge, the Viper has come into its own in the recent generations. With most GTS models being on the market for around $75k, the values seem to be holding steady as 2017 was announced as the last production year for the Viper. Along with the fact that no replacement has been announced by Dodge makes current buys even more valuable for resale in the future.

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Another example of American muscle. The Corvette ZR1 is a force to be reckoned with and holds prestige to both the young and old car fans. As far as drive ability goes, the ZR1 is much easier to handle than the Viper. Corvettes are sprawled all over the board as far as price points go, but no other model is as strong as the ZR1, both in power and resale. The history that Corvettes have coupled with their ability to be driven both on the street and on the track with no previous driving knowledge allows for a wider variety of acceptance and appreciation.

Maserati GranTurismo

The Maserati GranTurismo is a perfect blend of luxury and exotic. The sporty design coupled with the aggressive stock exhaust and driving performance make this a car an everyday exotic that anyone can drive. It’s even easier to drive considering the 2014 models-earlier can be bought for even less than $90,000 with relatively low miles and high options. While the Maserati’s have gotten a bad rap for their high maintenance needs, the fixability of these models is significantly less than a McLaren or Lamborghini. A perfect entry level exotic to say the least, a eye-catcher and a money saver.

BMW Alpina B7

The Alpina B7 is probably one of today’s nicest 4 door sedans in the realm of affordable luxury sedans. While it is a BMW, it wears an Alpina Badge which allows us to include it on this list. With all the gadgets and comfort you could ever imagine, it puts Bentley to shame, and the Alpina B7 is a performance sedan for your everyday use. Make sure to check out the bulletproof version as well, even if it’s a bit over $100,000 used.

Ferrari 360 Modena

The 360 Modena is a staple car for the Ferrari brand and now it has depreciated so low that you can get one for just under $75K. It is crazy to wrap your head around, but yes you could own the car of your dreams for less than six figures. This is one of the cars at Exotic Car Hacks favors as it really displays just how significant depreciation plays in optimizing your buying experience. The preferred option of the 360 is a manual transmission as the automatic transmissions have been known to get a little quirky, but that’s to be expected with any exotic.

We hope you enjoyed our picks for some of today’s hottest exotics under $75,000. We know that we are all going to share different opinions, but we think that regardless of which model you choose, you can hardly go wrong. There were many other cars that fit being a great buy under a $75,000, but we felt these fit the bill best.

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