Best Places to Find and Buy Used Cars

We bought a Lamborghini Performante for 20% under its cash market value, a Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series for 30% under its cash value, and an Aston Martin DBS about 35% under its cash value in the past 6 months.

One of the most common question we receive is: “Where do you find these cars?”

Inside Exotic Car Hacks, we break down where we find such incredible deals in detail down to how to search for deals to ensure you see what others don’t.

The strategy for those who are not Insiders yet can start with looking at eBay Motors and Autotrader; two places that are well known to circulate massive amount of cars and whose search engines make it easy to find what you need.

While finding deals listed is easy, the prices listed are far from the ones we get since we negotiate each car we buy to the lowest possible point using our special tools and strategies outlined in our training.

While we are not going to reveal all of our secrets to the public, but we will tell you a bit about how dealers price their cars on the market.

There are 3 types of price listings for a dealer:

  1. Call for price: Some dealers will be present on all of these platforms, yet never list a price because their job is to get you to call them on the phone. Their Autotrader listings will say “Call for Price” and their eBay listings won’t have a buy it now button. They are hoping that by capturing your info, they will rely on their sales people to close the deal.
  1. Listing based on other listings: Most dealers set pricing based on software tools they have that tells them what other cars in the area are selling for or listed for; this allows them to know how to price their cars accordingly. Consumers assume they are coming to see the lowest priced car around when in reality, all the cars on the market are priced too high.
  1. The highest priced one: A strategy used by dealers who price their entire inventory much higher than others with the expectations that people will think they typically carry cleaner cars. However, they will also make consumers believe that when they negotiate a few grand off, they are getting a great deal. They are betting on your lack of education in the matter as a means to gaining your trust and to show you their willingness to cut you deals. See our Bentley GT Supersports case study to learn more.

This is the best way to find and understand listings in the two major sites where more cars are found that anywhere else on earth.

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