Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Buying Your First Exotic Car

Buying your first exotic car can be over-bearing when it comes time to buy, and knowing that every mistake could cost you thousands of dollars just seems to take so much fun out of the equation.

Every possible miscalculation or misunderstanding could cost you thousands in the long run which means that the entire process from A to Z has become more work than enjoyment.

That should never be the case when you are about to undertake the single greatest symbolic purchase of your life.

It’s not just about the car, its about the significance of what the car means to you, but unfortunately many dealers know that and they prey on the idea of your excitement as the reason you probably didn’t educate yourself enough.

That has been the world of auto dealers for a while; focusing on the consumer’s lack of information and understanding to tilt the scale in their favor while racking in major profits with every deal.

I, too, was a victim of such practices for years.

Now having gone through over 60 exotics in 5 years, and after having dealt with 100’s of dealers in an age where information and technology is so accessible, it only made sense that I decided to focus on educating everyone I knew that wanted to own an exotic car, and help get in their first exotic car (my personal favorite part).

I educate through videos, blog posts, and so much more, but one of the greatest and coolest things is the ability to sometimes entertain people while I educate them.

Watch the video here.

This video is no different as I take you on an incredible POV video of my videographer (JT) wanting to buy his very first exotic car, and simply not knowing what to do or how to do it.

In this video, I have called on a good friend of mine and one of the only 3 dealers in the country that sells exotic cars that I think is honest.

Scott Zankl, CEO and Founder of Excel Auto Group, a dealership that really does a good job at educating their buyers.

It only made sense that I asked Scott to join me on this episode to help teach you guys 4 incredible and must-know concepts before you go buy your next exotic car.

Please watch one of the greatest videos we have yet to make at Exotic Car Hacks to help educate you on how to make exotic cars affordable, and in many cases profitable.

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