How Much Money You Need to Get Started With Exotic Car Hacks

This is the best and most asked question we receive at Exotic Car Hacks. There is a misconception out there that you need a lot of money or the ability to shell out the cash first before you can see any savings. Allow us to clarify this for you by explaining the basics of how much money you really need.

The reality is that the price of the Lamborghini you dream of doesn’t magically turn into $30K. Instead, the fact that you bought a car at $100K, drove it for 10 months, then sold it at $120K allows you to make $20K on a car that you enjoyed for 10 months. You must, therefore, be able to afford buying a $100K car.

There are ways to buy a $100K car that don’t require you to have $100K in cash, but you will still need to cough it up. You will either borrow it from a bank and (depending on your credit) may or may not need a down payment, or you will pay for it in cash. If you are borrowing it, then the only expense you need to be able to afford is the monthly payment, which can be stretched to over 144 months. It isn’t that bad when you factor that in and a small amount of maybe $5K to protect yourself against repairs or maintenance that you will have such as tires or brake pads over the 10 months. How much you drive and how you drive will be a determining factor in how much of the $5K you spend.

Long story short, if you pay $1,000 a month for 10 months, then you technically only needed $10K put aside plus $5K in expenses. In the end, you will not only get your $10K back, but make a profit if you follow our rules in the guides we offer.

The concept is simple, it’s not magical, it’s basic knowledge you need to buy the right car at the right time to sell to the right person at the right time. The tools we give you prevent you from making a $10K mistake that can cost you significantly more.

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