Importing Cars from Canada – Is It Worth It?

Based on the state of the currency, importing or exporting cars from Canada may make sense, especially for exotic cars.

When the US dollar is strong, the Canadian dollar goes down so you can leverage this for watches and cars, which Canadian buyers and sellers already know.

cad to usd

Here are some things you’ll have to keep in mind when bringing a car over:

  • There will be an import tax of 8-10% which will also cover legalization of the car.
  • There are no titles in Canada, so cars are issued a US title when entering the country.
  • Some dealers in Canada can handle the cost for you.
  • Our Insider’s choice for auto transport can assist with shipping and will most likely cost $800-$1200 from the Canadian border to a US entry point, and then whatever the actual shipping is from state to state. The average import cost is $2200 door to door.

The reality is that buying a car from Canada could be worth it, but it requires work. Often when factoring in the costs of shipping, import tax, and inspections needed, then the cost isn’t that much different than what our Insiders are negotiating for comparable if not better cars in the United States.

Pejman Ghadimi

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