3 Myths About Owning an Exotic Car BUSTED

Every time we run an ad on our Facebook or make a post on our Instagram, someone comes out of nowhere saying stupid shit like “Owning an exotic car has ridiculous maintenance.”

Since the inception of Google and the birth of laziness, people have been blind to the truth about many things, one of them being exotic cars.

Let’s debunk the three famous myths that people are still too lazy to learn about.

  1. Maintenance costs too much: Conventional maintenance at dealerships is expensive and can be costly on the latest model exotics still under warranty. If you are obligated to go to a dealership (which you never are) during the warranty period, then the cost of maintenance can be high. An oil change service on a Lamborghini will cost $399 and even over $799 for some Mercedes cars, but so what? The battery will cost about $350 for a Mercedes. There are some exceptions like the battery on the new McLaren which only exists at McLaren for a whopping $4,000, but it’s not the standard for all exotics. It’s the one exception that the people who can’t afford one justifies as the reason they’ll never buy one. Maintenance for exotics by model is broken down for our Insiders with a list of shops to attend so that you don’t pay outrageous dealer fees.
  1. Insurance is expensive: Once again wrong. The only time exotic car insurance is more than the average Mercedes or BMW is when you have a bad record. A base model Jaguar S Type will cost more to insure than a Lamborghini LP560 because of many reasons such as how often it is driven, accident data from Jaguar, chances of survival, and usage. Assuming the same person got both cars, the insurance on one would be significantly less, and that one would be the LP560. We even have this in our Insider Guides with which insurance companies to use.
  1. It’s a money pit: Once again something that doesn’t apply to any used exotic, but only new ones. The depreciation on exotics is harsh and buying new never makes sense. For our Insiders, we teach you how to leverage that so you can drive for free. For everyone else, we teach you how to not lose money or much of it. New exotics are liabilities; used exotics are often assets.

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