What NOT To Do When Buying An Exotic Car

Why do people fail at car hacking?

Today we’re going to talk aboug what exactly to AVOID DOING.

Because of inexperience, people tend to fail for simple reasons…

Whether they were uninformed, misinformed, or lacking the negotiations skills…

They could have done SO MUCH BETTER if they knew exactly what to avoid.

Let’s get started.

The most common reason most people fail…

Is because they tend to underestimate the simplicity and overestimate the difficulty of selling a car.

People always have a misperception of how hard it is to sell a car.

This is where the BIG mistakes happen.

Inside Exotic Car Hacks, we teach you step-by-step exactly how to position a car to sell it.

But here’s the thing…

When it comes to getting the most out of a car that’s for sale, the most important part is how you bought it. 

Extracting the maximum value from your car in the future comes down to:

  • What car you bought
  • How well you bought it
  • How desirable is it to the exit user

You see, the majority of people coming into the program have a hard time getting over this idea:

The car you can hack isn’t always the one you should buy.

They say they want a red 458 Ferrari…

So they overpay to get the color they like even though there was a white one with fewer miles, more carbon fiber, and better seats for $10k less…

If the deal on a car is not good enough for you to get out breakeven or on profit after 12 months… after adding extra miles on it…

Then you will get resistance from the market when you try to sell.

What does that mean?

Resistance (lack of market interest) can happen in two ways:

You either own the wrong car…

Example – you bought an ugly car that nobody wanted, but you thought it was cool.

Or you bought a perfect specs car, but you overpaid like CRAZY for it.

Either way, trying to get the dollar you want will cause resistance.

In my program, I teach my students step-by-step how to get the right entry…

So they can sell their cars within 10-15 days without pressure, difficulty or negotiations. 

You NEED to get the right entry to create the right exit.

I have two golden pieces of advice to make that happen:

First: you’re not marrying a car. You’re dating a car.

You want to avoid focusing on what you want forever and instead on what will be best for you today.

For example, you wanted to buy a car because it was the cheapest one on the market or you wanted to buy a color because I liked it, not because it made sense to resell it.

Second: Don’t forget your prenup when you’re buying a car

Everyone always falls in love with what they are purchasing.

I get it.

A person buying a Ferrari for the first time is going to fall in love with the idea of finally owning a Ferrari.

That makes you cave in and pay EXTRA dollars when it wasn’t necessary.

You see – a prenup is a financial tool.

Exotic Car Hacks is also a financial tool.

It forces you to look at the exit as much as the entry and ensure that by the time you exit the car you’re in a better financial position.

In addition to these, there is also another thing people fail when it comes to car hacking:

Not following the process.

There are step-by-step guides within our community that walk you through the entire ownership period of the car…

To ENSURE the car is still highly desirable to the people.

Such as:

  • Reviewing the market before you buy
  • Paying attention to the market while you own it
  • Understanding where and how to take photos (or find a great photographer)
  • When and where to present the car (so it can be sold quickly)

For example, if I told you that you could get out of a car in 30 days if:

  • You took great photos 
  • Presented it to these 4 dealers
  • Listed it on these 3 websites

And you chose to do only a third of these operations?

Then you would get a third of the results.

These are the typical mistakes most people fall into when buying their first exotic car and it ALWAYS leads them to lose. 

Play smart and you’ll win. Play emotionally and you’ll fail. 

Simple as that.


Now, if you want to get access to the step-by-step systems and all my recommended dealers, websites, resources etc.

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You’ll also get access to a community of 18,000+ people who are hacking their cars and exchanging market info, tips & news daily.

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