Why Every Car Enthusiast Should be Excited About 2022

Throughout 2021 I talked a lot about the car market in general, I talked about cool specs and options that made cars worth their weight in gold despite the insane price gouging going on in both the new and used car market. 

But in 2022, I want to steer away from these topics and focus more on what Exotic Car Hacks is REALLY all about: cars.

In 2021 there was not a lot of talk about NEW cars as the market slowdowns, covid closures, and labor shortages swept across the globe, preventing such cars from being produced or even really thought out on a more production oriented level. The only real exciting car from 2021 is the Lamborghini STO, which SPOILER ALERT… mine is arriving shortly. 

Now as the factories around the world open back up, we know in 2022 some incredible releases are coming. To name a few: the new and possibly FINAL Lamborghini Aventador, Rolls Royce is coming out with a black badge Ghost and an electric version of the Wraith called Spectre, Aston Martin is releasing it’s first million dollar car the Valhalla, a potential upgrade/replacement for the McLaren 720S, and Ferrari’s very own hybrid evolution of models like the SF90.

There is more excitement in the car market now in 2022 than there has been in the last couple of years, but there is still a ton of fear to go along with it.

I have had so many people ask me:

Are markets going to crash?

Are feds going to be playing to crash the market and bring everything to the ground like in 08?

Is supply going to come back?

Is demand going to diminish?

And I really want to utilize 2022 to be able to answer all these questions and more while guiding you into the future of the exotic car market as a whole.

I am so hopeful for the future that I decided to capitalize in 2022, and I have 14 NEW CARS coming this year, with another 7-8 being put into production sometime this year to become ready in 2023. So I am incredibly excited about each and every one of those cars and even more excited I get to share the experience of ownership with you all. 

Now you may think this to be excessive, but with my course Exotic Car Hacks and of course my Youtube channel as well, these cars are not only pieces for me to own and enjoy, but they are educational material for you all who follow me and learn the markets through my efforts. Because when I buy these cars I am buying the cleanest, low mileage, sometimes rarest cars out there to be able to make my time of ownership enjoyable for me and educational for my followers.

A lot of your favorite YouTubers are buying the opposite of my cars… salvaged cars, accident cars, cars with stolen titles, in the ugliest color combinations with tens of thousands of miles on the dash just for the clout of being able to say they have a Lamborghini or Ferrari in their garage. 

But all in all, I am excited for 2022 and I am incredibly thankful for all of your support in 2021. I am looking forward to putting out some incredible content both on Exotic Car Hacks Youtube Channel and my course: Exotic Car Hacks as well.

Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates on the exotic car market, and join Exotic Car Hacks if you want to know the best way to hack a car regardless of time or world events.

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