Aston Martin DBX Buyers Guide

I bet you all were wondering how I felt about Aston’s entry into the SUV game. And to be frank with you, I purposefully have delayed writing this buyer’s guide or expressing my interest in the DBX in any regard. I needed time to truly process just what this SUV was and what it meant for the current luxury/exotic SUV market.

Like many people, I feel at first that this release was underwhelming, but I also think that had a lot to do with more exciting SUVs coming out or being revamped at the time of the DBX’s launch.

The DBX is Aston Martin’s first SUV ever built, it is a mid-size luxury crossover by definition but it packs a fair amount of punch making it extra sporty.

The DBX features a 4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that feeds 542 horsepower and 516 pounds of torque into an all-wheel drivetrain. This is a bit low compared to some of the other cross-over exotic SUVs like the X5 M Comp, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, and newer G-Wagons that produce a little more than 600 horsepower. But the top speed is indeed 181 miles per hour with 0-60 in 4.3 seconds, so it is not necessarily slow but it is not as fast as others in its category. Another thing we are happy to report about the DBX is that it DOES fit the Section 179 rule, so you not only get an Aston Martin SUV but a tax write-off as well, with this bad boy.

The design of the DBX doesn’t vary from the heritage appearance of the Aston Martin lineage, angular headlights, large slatted grille, narrow and stout but filled with beauty, power, and soul.

So is this SUV worth getting into when other options like the Bentley Bentayga, Porsche Cayenne, or Mercedes G63 exist? Let’s find out together.

Driving Experience

Aston has succeeded in building grand touring models, as well as low profile sports cars that even James Bond himself was a fan of, but like other luxury/exotic car manufacturers, they realized that their clients wanted something practical, hence the DBX was born.

I can’t deny, I find the DBX a little funky in its appearance, somewhat of a Frankenstein of all the successful models like the new Vantage, the Vanquish, the Virage, and the DBS just on a different, higher chassis to support the necessary height and weight distribution for an SUV.

Fast and fancy is a great way to describe the driving experience when behind the wheel of the Aston Martin DBX, the sound of the Aston Martin DBX is how it should be: low and snarling, giving you the full Aston ownership experience in a way that a DBS owner or a Vanquish owner expect.

With multiple drive modes, you have the choice between the GT base mode, then Sport mode, and then Sport + mode which is when she really gets up and goes with snaps and crackles on the exhaust, and the suspension and handling shine the way your sports model Astons do.

Being an SUV there is always a question of how much room does it really have? The DBX while mid-size still has a good amount of cargo space and enables comfortable seating for all passengers inside the cabin. All of the luxurious aspects of the Aston carry on into the inside with beautiful, easy-to-use tech. Luxurious interior designs, hand stitching along with the seats and door panels, and more.

Aston Martin DBX Common Problems

With any new car built on a new chassis, there are bound to be some issues that arise over time and it is nothing to fear, it is just simply the name of the new car game, and it’s a risk we take. Thankfully though, that is what recalls work hard to ensure any issues that pop up are resolved. Right now only one recall such exists. 

Aston Martin DBX Cost of Ownership/Maintenance

All of the DBX’s are currently under Aston Matin’s 3yr/unlimited mile warranty. Currently, any large repairs needed will indeed come out of that warranties pocket, and also all Aston’s become eligible for extended warranties right before they expire from the factory, meaning if you own your DBX now, in the next two years you will get a call from Aston asking if you’d like to extend your warranty further. This can provide great peace of mind for some and extra resale value when you go to sell your DBX in the future.

Aston Martin DBX Year Changes

  • 2021-present: N/A
  • 2023- DBX 707 will release, bringing the DBX into the ring with other performance-oriented luxury SUV’s and crowning it the current champion. The 707 will boast a more aggressive exterior design, but what is truly impressive is the nearly 700 horsepower the DBX will produce. This is the car that has just announced that it beat the Lamborghini Urus lap time with ease. I will have to see one in person for myself before I decide to buy… but we all know I am a sucker deep down for Aston’s.

Aston Martin DBX Options

Mercedes are a special hybrid of cars when it comes to options. They can be just as crucial to have as Daytona seats in a Ferrari, but not all

Aston Martin’s are not generally high-option cars. Usually, they either have packages that raise their sticker or they do not. What truly matters on these cars is having a hot color combination inside and out, while also having the carbon fiber packs both inside and outside.

But if you want to see what other options the DBX could come with, be sure to check out this spec sheet here: 

Best Aston Martin DBX To Buy

With this car being nearly brand new to the market I can’t really tell you what year is better to buy as there really isn’t one. However, the DBX isn’t an option-intensive car, it is more a matter of buying the right spec. Though from what I have seen with the limited data I have on these cars, the hotter and more interesting the spec is, the better it will do. For example, a white on white car, or a black on red car, or even a British racing green car with a saddle interior.


I am incredibly excited about the DBX 707, I think that is what really inspired me to write this article. Yes, it is one year away, but in the car world, that’s not that long. Other than that, do I think the base DBX is a good hack? It is getting there. When the DBX releases it will drive base model values down and then when that happens, they will start to become more hackable in terms of their dollar and value overall as an SUV.

Hack-Ability Meter

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