Audi RS6 Buyers Guide

There is a reason they call this… a sex wagon. This car F@$#s HARD! I truly haven’t been excited about a car like this in a very long time, but truthfully Audi has outdone themselves when it comes to the RS6 Avant and I think it is one of the best cars on the road and let me tell you why.

For one thing, and I didn’t know this until about a month into my ownership, but the RS6 weighs 6,041 pounds… which means… SECTION 179 baby! For all my business owners this is a wonderful piece of news as that means that ownership of this beautiful wagon can be written off on your taxes.

Tax incentives aside, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and why the RS6 is gonna be one of the hottest new cars on the market.

Driving Experience

So for one, look at this thing. It is literally sex on wheels, perfect curves, thick rear end, sleek angels, just chefs kiss all around. However, if there is one thing that is better about the RS6 than it’s looks, it is how it drives.

Mind you, we here in the US never got to marvel at the splendid evolution that was the RS6. We are only just now seeing what Europe has been enjoying since the early 2000s.

The RS6 Avant was first released in 2020 here in the US and took the markets by storm with it’s eye-catching design and top rating power stats for a four-door wagon. With twin-turbo powered 4.0L V8 engine, the RS6 makes 591 horsepower and 590 pounds of torque, with the ability to go 0-60 in just 3.1 seconds, and boasts a top speed of 190mph, she is a wonder wagon after all.

Not only is this beast incredibly fast when flicked into RS mode, but being behind the wheel or even in the backseat is an experience as well. A throaty roar echos through the cabin when the car is on and popping, but when you want a more comfortable ride, the RS6 is happy to switch gears and offer you just that. Carbon trim makes the wagon feel incredibly sporty while the latest technology gives you the ease of operation through a touch screen interface that runs the length of the dash and through the center console.

While some could imagine that driving the RS6 is literally like pulling a wagon, in all honesty, this wagon is one that you would be happy to hitch yourself to, I personally enjoy driving this car more than most of my other dailies and I never thought I would say that about an Audi, ever.

Audi RS6 Common Problems

Anytime a new car hits the market on a new chassis there are bound to be problems, just like we saw with the Bentley Bentayga or the Aston Martin DBX, the RS6 is not immune to that. HERE we have linked a list of current recalls that apply to the RS6, just ensure if you are buying your RS6, regardless if it is from a dealer or a private party that all these recalls were performed with records indicating the work was done.

Another thing, while these cars are new and under warranty, that does not mean that PPI’s can be forgone. Do your due diligence if buying the RS6 used and get a PPI. Remember, $300 now can save you $3,000 later.

Audi RS6 Cost of Ownership/Maintenance

So for the new RS6, all models at this point in time (Oct 2021) will all be covered under the manufacture warranty which from Audi is 4 year/50,000 miles. The only real repairs that you would need to be concerned with are the brakes and tires during your time of ownership, as well as making sure you keep routine oil changes and fluid flushes, especially if you are driving the RS6 harder than you would a normal four-door.

Audi RS6 Year Changes

As of right now, there are no model year changes to the RS6 Avant.

Audi RS6 Options

Audi isn’t necessarily known for its options like Ferrari or McLaren, what they have to offer is pretty basic, which is why fully loaded RS6’s and Base RS6’S are typically only 30-40k off in price. However, that small-dollar can really add up when it comes to the resale value of these wagons. So the options I deem necessary for the RS6 are the four below:

-Ceramic Brakes

-Black Optic Package

-Carbon Fiber Trim Interior and Exterior

-Premium Paint such as Nardo Gray or Panther Black

Best Audi RS6 To Buy

So as the RS6 did just come out, please remember we can’t necessarily call it a hack. However, it is a newer car that we see a lot of potential upside with.

As a reminder, please remember that the hacking methodology is above all, a way to mitigate risk and avoid losing thousands on cars, it is not a way to guarantee you will make money off of cars. Sometimes it happens, and of course, that is great, but please don’t assume that every car that we discuss is a cash cow opportunity.

Right now, I would say any 2021 with the premium options mentioned above and a higher sticker in the $130-$140k range is the best RS6 to buy.

Also, it is fair to note, the RS6’s set to release in 2022 will have a higher BASE MSRP so the 2021’s are where the deal is at.


While this is technically a new car hack, I still think that it is worth it. Especially given the Section 179 rule it hits the nail on the head with all the points I have made above. The looks, the functionality, the experience, and the write-off… can’t get much better than that!

Hack-Ability Meter

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