BMW M6 (F13/F06) Buyers Guide

Is this BMW the best daily driver ever?

The third generation of the M6 is the one that we at Exotic Car Hacks recommend above all others.

BMW appeals to a large target demographic, it knows its audience has different budgets, tastes, and priorities – yet they are able to satisfy everyone with their range.

The M6 was built for those who want the power of a sports car but the usability of an everyday sedan. It is both eye-catching and refined in its design and can be either subtle or loud (depending on if you decide to modify your M6 or not).

Introduced in 2011, with models rolling out of production in 2012, the BMW M6 has a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission and houses the same S63 twin-turbo V8 engine as the BMW F10 M5. The top speed of the M6 is limited to 155mph unless you go for the M-Drivers package which knocks up the performance to give you a top speed of 190mph.

The sleek body style is a way to keep up with the ever-changing design times. No longer bulky and boxy like the E63/64 generation that came before, the F-series M6 boasts a low, long and aerodynamic, bullet body style. And yes, before you ask, there is a convertible version of the M6, and no we don’t recommend it.

The M6 truly is one that will turn heads as it is much wider than your average 6 series, along with a beefier exhaust note. So if you are looking for something that will make you stand out in the carpool lane, then look no further.

Driving Experience

The BMW M6 has a beautiful blend of functionality and driveability. It is a lot of fun to take on the track, but it is also still usable for your everyday commute to work or school.

We tend to recommend the Gran Coupe over the regular M6 as the four-door is more desirable from a hacking standpoint, but either way, you are getting a rather spacious vehicle that won’t leave you wanting for legroom.  It also has a very spacious trunk, so whether this is your one and only car, or it is your daily with a fleet of exotics, when going to the airport or grocery store, the M6 will get the job done.

The cabin is roomy and set up for comfort (at the end of the day it is still a BMW sedan) even if it gives exotics a run for their money on the track.

A large center console does alienate the driver a bit, creating a cockpit type of feel. The standard BMW gearshift sits at arms height on the console along with a knob to control the LCD iDrive screen up above. In between on the dash sits the AC controls, vents, and a CD player.

Behind the steering wheel sits digital gauges for your odometer, speedometer, fuel, oil temp, and RPM’s. If you have the option for a heads up display, I suggest getting it over one that does not, as the feature is quite cool to have and is highly sought after for resale.

Overall, whether you are alone on a drag strip, or with the family heading to the movies, you will enjoy being behind the wheel of the M6 and getting to not only be comfy but settle your need for speed.

BMW M6 Common Problems

BMW’s are notorious for having some problems across the board, but all of the problems that could possibly plague your M6 could be resolved with a simple PPI. Most of the problems are oil pan related, or electrical.

The F series M6’s do have some recalls present, and so we have linked them below for you to review. Just ensure prior to purchase that all recalls are done and up to date to avoid any issues:

BMW M6 Cost of Ownership/Maintenance

Even though it has an M badge, it is still a BMW which means that any maintenance on it is going to be on the lower side when comparing this model to other badge baring upper-level cars.

Oil changes, for example, can be done in the $100-$200 range depending on the shop you go to and the quality of oil you choose, but just remember to avoid the dealer. Yes they, can offer you a loaner for the day, but any maintenance done by the dealer is going to be doubled up in price to account for the convenience that is offered. Not to mention, most of the talented techs of the day are no longer working at dealers, so you are rolling the dice with the quality of your technician. You just have to ask yourself, is it worth the risk?

Tires will vary in price. If you want to go with the cheaper brands, you will see the prices in the $800 range for a set of four. But if you want to go with true performance tires (which we of course recommend, not only for use but for resale as well) then a set of 4 Pirelli P Zero’s will run you upwards of $1,200. Also, if this car is to be your daily driver and you live somewhere that experiences snow, don’t skimp on all season tires, a could hundred bucks could save you from getting in an accident and loosing thousands.

BMW M6 Model Year Changes

There were of course previous generations of the M6 that trace back to 1983, however, under the F-series designation, there were no tweaks made to the base design and layout of the M6.

In 2014 some options were made available. A six-speed manual transmission was added, along with the Competition pack that gave the option for upgraded wheels, carbon-ceramic brakes, carbon fiber options (both interior and exterior), and upgraded engine performance.

BMW M6 Options

Like most BMW’s there aren’t a whole lot of singular options to speak of. The M trims tend to have packages that contain multiple features. In terms of M6, you want the Competition Package. It comes with a sportier exhaust, black tips, tighter suspension and steering, along with an anti-roll bar. Best of all, it tunes up that beefy V8 engine raising the output up to 591 horsepower and 516 ft-pounds of torque.

A tell tale way to note that the BMW M6 has or does not have the Competition spec is the brake calipers, they are gold rather than the usual M-power Blue. The interior and exterior can come with some upgraded carbon fiber trim as well, a way to give the sedan a more sporty edge over its base-model brethren.

Best BMW M6 To Buy

In terms of hacking and reliability, you are going to want to go with a 2015 BMW M6 Gran Coupe, ideally with the competition package. This particular year/make/model/spec is the most sought after, highly desirable for resale, and possesses the best aesthetic and mechanical components featured in the models run.


The M6 Gran Coupe is an incredibly daily driver. It possesses the power of an exotic thanks to the M performance, but also has the low key usability and space of an everyday BMW. The values on the M6 Gran Coupes hold rather well, and finding one with the right package and lower miles is a lot easier than you would think, if you know the Exotic Car Hacks way.

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