BMW X6 M Buyers Guide

BMW SUVs are often overlooked by Exotic Car Hacks members and the public alike. Maybe they don’t appear as exciting as a G-Wagon or Range Rover, but what they lack in hype they make up for in their hackability.  The X6 M and X5 M are the two specific BMW SUVs that we recommend here at Exotic Car Hacks. For this buyer’s guide, we are only discussing the F86 andG06 models (2014-present) as they present the best opportunities at the time of this writing (Q2 2022)

Designed by BMW to bring a sportier feel to a select number of cars in their X SUV line, the X5 M and X6 M are the only ones out of 7 models in the X line to be worthy of the true M (sport) level trim, making these two highly sought after against the other 5 in the SUV line up.

But the X5 M and X6 M, while similar in many ways, vary greatly in others. If you are looking for a smaller-feeling SUV, more like a raised sedan and not so big and bulky, the X6 M may be for you.

Driving Experience

The BMW X6 M is going to be a car for everyone and anyone. I know that isn’t usually something I say with luxury sports vehicles, but truly, from your 16-year-old with a new driver’s license to your wife or elderly father, this car is one that lacks the intimidation factors that many luxury or exotic cars may possess.

The BMW X5 M is a bit wider and taller than the X6 M, which is why I don’t make that claim for the X5. Because the X6 M is about four inches more narrow, that makes it surprisingly more maneuverable in parking garages or out on highways.

The interior of all BMWs is pretty standard, leather with easy-to-use tech. Nothing show-stoppingly exciting like a full Alcantara and carbon interior on a Ferrari, but again, this is a BMW, it is not meant to be that way. It is meant to be a daily driver that still boasts a lot of prestige and power, and she does exactly that.

The cabin is very spacious, making the X6M  a great family car, with plenty of cargo space for a pair of golf clubs, backpacks, cleats, or a week’s worth of groceries. Whatever you intend to utilize the X6 M for, it can handle just about anything, but try to avoid off-roading or going street racing, only there will she appear lacking.

BMW X6 M Common Problems

It is no secret that BMWs have their fair share of notorious issues, however, it seems that the X line isn’t so susceptible. Perhaps BMW worked hard to ensure that their SUV line was more reliable than their coupe and sedan M lines. No shade, just truth. Some of the stuff you would commonly see with BMWs is a lot of electrical issues, but also suspension and strut issues to boot. But X6 M’s seem to be a bit on the safer side. That doesn’t mean they are perfect cars – both have had their fair share of recalls, and all are available for you to view at the link here:

BMW X6 M Cost of Ownership/Maintenance

One of the great joys of owning a BMW is that its repairs are not as expensive as other cars in the luxury or exotic car space. Maybe they aren’t as cheap as a Honda or Dodge to fix, but it certainly won’t cost you an arm and a leg out of warranty like a McLaren or a Lamborghini.

Oil changes can be done by most authorized third-party shops, the dealer does nothing different than your local jiffy lube and they will charge you $600+. Now I don’t recommend Jiffy Lube either, but a good local independent local luxury or exotic car specialty shop would take care of the oil change and service for pennies on the dollar compared to the dealer.

Other issues that you may run into would be normal wear and tear like brakes or tires, but the cost is significantly less as these cars don’t boast Ferrari-sized brakes and Pirelli Corsa tires. But a great way to ensure that you are avoiding any issues prior to taking your BMW X6 M is to get a PPI done on the vehicle from a trusted independent shop.

BMW X6 M  Year Changes

BMW, like many other brands, operates on a generational basis. Means that when the car comes out, it will essentially remain the same for its entire generation (3-4 years) then fall out of production for 6-12 months, and return with the new generation including a facelift, updated technology, new interior design, etc.

We can see that here with the BMW X6M:

  • 2009-2013: The X6M was introduced as the sporty/performance version of the X6 trim lineup.
  • 2014-2018: The main generation we have been discussing as it is the best hack range right now given the timeline of depreciation.
  • 2019-present: A higher performance tweak was made to the 4.4 liter twin-turbo engine, giving it 600 horsepower bone stock, unlike the F86 which had 575 horsepower. This is also the generation where the X6 M competition trim has been introduced, featuring a tuned engine to produce an additional 25 horsepower, a more aggressive exterior with a new front end bumper, diffuser, and sportier interior options as well.

BMW X6 M Options

So the BMW X6 M is not subject to massive option packs like some other cars are. There are instead packages that can be applied to the car and then from there the options of the package are either in that car or NOT. There is no ala carte or in-between like Ferrari or McLaren options.

The options are few and far between but if you want to see what options exist standard on the X6M versus the ones that can help you on the resale side of your ownership: 

Best BMW X6 M To Buy

15-18 BMW X6 M’s are going to be the years to buy. While BMWs are not incredibly option-heavy, there are some things you will want to ensure that your BMW X6 M has some of the following options: a good color combo, black on black, black on red, white on red, silver on red, etc. In addition to that, carbon interior is always a plus, as well as the upgraded interior sound system.

The most important note to make though for these cars is to ensure that you get your PPI done prior to purchasing due to the fact these cars can hide 20k worth of issues deep in their under-shields and the only way to know if the car is worth your buy is to inspect before. A $300 PPI could be the best money you ever spend, just remember that.


So if you are looking for a short, sleek, sports SUV to add to your garage and make your daily driver, the BMW X6M could be the car for you. Also, given the timeline and the current dollar in which the market is at with the recommended X6M’s above, then we can say that the X6M would be a hack for you with at least 6-12 months of ownership and around 5-7k miles.

Hack-Ability Meter

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