Ferrari 812 Buyers Guide

The Ferrari site says it on the car’s home page: “Shift to the 12th Dimension.” As a man who loves studying consciousness, I was immediately intrigued.

However, more than just a catchy tagline, the Ferrari 812 Superfast at the time of release was the fastest and most powerful Ferrari yet. This is a new model for the Italian powerhouse of performance, and whenever a fresh face shows itself in the age-old line up, the question is asked by many: what does this new model achieve?

Given that we were handed an iconic V12 beast in the Ferrari F12, the 812 had to offer something different, arguably better, and more exciting with this newly refreshed engine.

The 812 was designed by Ferrari to offer benchmark performance, by making it the fastest road-going Ferrari ever built, whilst also offering a riveting and rewarding driving experience for enthusiasts and fans alike.

It is not a car I would keep in my collection as I am not the type to put my need for a V12 engine in Ferrari’s hands (I prefer my SVJ for that benchmark). And while I don’t personally own one of these bad boys, I can say that if you are looking for a new-age V12 and want to stay true to exotic racing roots, then you may want to consider the 812 for your next hack.

Driving Experience

The Ferrari 812 Superfast was made to be better than its former V12 predecessor the F12. Given that challenge, Ferrari gave this next generation V12 a 6.5-liter engine (the F12 was a 6.3L), and with that added engine power comes a whopping 798 horsepower and 530 pounds of torque. Giving this Ferrari the title of Most Powerful Naturally Aspirated Production Car EVER Made (back in 2018 at the time of its launch) .

All this power gives the impressive car an even more impressive top speed of 211 miles per hour with a 0-60 time of just 2.9 seconds.

The 812 Superfast also has some variations for you to be able to enjoy; just remember the pricing may vary significantly.

The Superfast is a coupe body style, while the 812 GTS is the spider body style.

This is impressive as the F12 never offered a convertible body style option, and here you don’t have to sacrifice fun or performance as the power is all the same as the Superfast, however, the car does way a bit more given the mechanism needed to open/close/store the retractable hard top roof.

Now, the mack daddy of the lineage is the Competizione. This is the 812 I would buy. Just like the Ferrari F12TDF is the only F12 I would buy.

It is a limited production, track-focused variant. Its engine is tuned up to be more powerful without any added modifications from the 812 Superfast, producing 819 horsepower and 510 pounds of torque.

To set it apart even further from the base model, Ferrari has given the car a more aggressive, race car look with added and extensive aerodynamic upgrades that make it look more exciting overall.

There is also a spider/convertible version of this beast and it is simply called the Competizione A, A being for the moniker Ferrari uses for its performance convertibles “Aperta” meaning “open” in Italian.

Ferrari 812 Common Problems

Whenever there is a new chassis introduced to a brand, you can bet your bottom dollar that there are going to be problems that arise. Think of it like a recently built house; you have to use it to find out what needs further work. Sometimes, this means leaky window seals, finicky electronics, and so on.

But I am happy to report that the 812 Superfast is generally super reliable.

However, some issues still exist but are incredibly minor in the grand scheme of things.

Common issues I have seen across the board with the 812 include minor Bluetooth issues like connectivity and searchability problems. It’s annoying but a few extra minutes of messing with the infotainment will get it working.

Another issue is the car’s panel alignment. Many cars I have seen in person or even online have shown to have misaligned body panels throughout the exterior. Making it look like the car has been crashed or in an accident, when in reality it is just poor quality control from the Ferrari factory.

As these models get a bit older and see more usage and miles, another point to note is that some have had the issue of collecting moisture in the front headlights. This is annoying as it makes the car look older and less cared for than it is, and it is also a highly costly repair.

Best Ferrari 812 To Buy

This should also go without saying, but I will repeat it.

Ferrari options are all a la carte.

Meaning unlike McLaren or Aston Martin there are no “packages” that include options, so if it has one it must have the other.


Everything is piece by piece, decided, created, ordered, and placed on the car by whomever originally spec’d the car.

So it is safe to say, the more carbon (inside or outside), the better. It will not only raise the price of the sticker but also make your car a heavier MSRP one. It will also make your spec hotter and more desirable, which directly correlates to resale time.

Otherwise, you want to play into the Ferrari market, meaning red on tan is the iconic exterior/interior spec. So obviously it too will be more desirable.

But a new age approach may also be successful, commanding a premium but requiring a longer hold time.

Such as a white-on-red car, a yellow-on-black car, a black-on-red car, etc.

The timeframe for the best 812 to hack will be one where the car is at least 3 full years old and has reached warranty maturity, so if it is 2023 NOW, you will want to start looking at 2019-2020 models as your best hackable option.


We know that the age of the V12 is dying. Very few, if any, high-performance car brands will continue making the monstrous engine in the coming years.

Whilst it is sad to see the era of true ingenuity and performance dwindle, some embers still make the flame burn bright.

For me, it is the Lamborghini SVJ, as I mentioned before. But for some, and maybe even you, it will be the 812 Superfast.

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