Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Series Buyers Guide

The Mercedes-Benz GT series is a Grand Touring series introduced by Mercedes in 2014, with production models rolling out in 2015 in two variations: GT and GT S. The AMG GT is the second sports car developed completely in-house by Mercedes, after the SLS AMG. The GT model was developed with a helping hand from the famous 6-time Formula 1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton.

The AMG GT is a front mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive car that houses a twin-turbocharged V8 engine that, depending on the trim, has a few different power outputs:

GT- 456 Horsepower/443 pounds of torque, top speed of 191mph

GTS- 503 Horsepower/479 pounds of torque, top speed of 202mph

GTC- 550 Horsepower/502 pounds of torque, top speed of 198mph

GTR- 577 Horsepower/516 pounds of torque, top speed of 196mph

The GT features a similar body style to the SLS AMG with its long front end, low, sloping roof, and wide wheel arches. However, one notable difference is that the GT model bares the regular front opening doors, rather than the iconic gull-wing doors that grace the SLS.

While I haven’t previously owned an AMG GT series before, I have driven a few in my time, and enough of our ECH members have been kind enough to lend a hand in giving us the advice and information necessary to write this article to the best of our knowledge.

So let’s dive right into it.

Driving Experience

If there is one other car out there that houses the same engine style and body outline, it would be the Dodge Viper. And though German and American engineering are vastly different, the general philosophy of how each of these two beasts drive is quite similar.

All the weight is in the front of the car and with so much power they are prone to oversteer. This means if you don’t know what you are doing and you take a turn too fast on the on-ramp, you could very well end up wrapped around a light post.

However, if you aren’t in the business of going balls to the wall, then the driving experience in the GT is a rather nice one. It has the power to get you to where you want to go efficiently, but also has all the comforts of a Mercedes to make it an enjoyable, quick ride.

The cabin of the GT series is leather and alcantara based depending on the trim model, featuring a large center console that houses all the controls necessary: AC/Gear shift/Radio/Navi, etc.

Behind the overly large, but still comfortable to use steering wheel is a mix of manual and digital gauges for the car itself, couple with a middle LCD screen.

Overall, the GT series was designed to be user-friendly while also offering a sports car driving experience that costs significantly less to own than its SLS counterpart.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Common Problems

Luckily there have not been too many plagued issues that come with this vehicle, outside of those noted by the manufacture and offered for repair under recall. However, there are a few things to note when looking at this car.

First-year models (2015) are, as often expected, plagued with little issues here and there. This is just the name of new model production. This can be seen in brands across the board with different models, but holds true for the GT. Post-2015 models haven’t been known to have as many issues though as the small tweaks were corrected in the later production years.

Due to the fact that the GT is low, heavy, and, at times, difficult to see out of, be sure to check the front bumper and side panels for any bumps/scratches/rashes that may have been caused from an unwanted kiss with a curb or other vehicle.

Newer Mercedes have similar issues to McLarens. Being more technologically advanced is both a blessing and a curse, but in the case of some GT models, it’s more a curse. There have been many reports of faulty codes being shown.

As I said previously, there are a few recalls on the GT series, and you can find out what they are here.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Cost of Ownership/Maintenance

The AMG GT comes with Mercedes factory warranty of 4 year/50,000 mile basic and powertrain warranty. Meaning, the years we recommend for hacking are reaching the end of their warranty life in the next year or so.

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get an AMG GT, it just means you need to be aware of the costs that come with this vehicle. While the AMG GT doesn’t have many common problems that aren’t already addressed by recalls, the Germans can be a bit pricey to maintain (if you go about it without the ECH knowledge).

Most shops can work on Mercedes without hesitation, of course, oil changes will be more expensive given the high-performance nature of the vehicle requiring a full-synthetic option.

A lot of people, at least in my field, have been known to track these cars, so the most expensive thing would be tires. The GT series also has staggered wheel sizes, so if you think you are gonna do the whole Pep Boys “buy 3 get 1 free” deal, you are mistaken. A good pair of Michelin’s for both front and back will run you upwards of $1,200. So if you are going to track this RWD front-engine beast, just be sure to have some cash saved up for fresh rubber.

The biggest thing to take away from this section: Mercedes is one of those dealers that IF you go to them for your maintenance work/repair outside of warranty, it will cost you an arm and a leg. Mercedes are NOT McLaren’s or Bugatti’s or Pagani’s, they are Mercedes. Most qualified technicians can work on/repair/maintain these cars just as well as, if not better than the dealers, and it will cost you significantly less.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Model Year Changes

The model trims all came out in different years, some more recent than others:

Mercedes GT/GTS coming out in 2015.

Mercedes GTC/GTR coming out in 2017.

Mercedes GT/GTC Roadster coming out in 2017.

While the GTR/GTC/GT Roadster came out in 2017, no such adjustments were made to the trims.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Options

Mercedes-Benz are not option-intensive cars like Ferrari’s are, but for the GT series, you want them to be as stacked as possible, just like the SLS.

You want these in Designo color options, Nappa leather, carbon interior, with the Carbon Ceramic Brakes and higher-level wheel options. All of these options make the car better for resale.

If you want to see the full list of options and their price points, go here.

Best Mercedes-Benz AMG G To Buy

The Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS is a tried and true favorite amongst our hackers. The 2017 AMG GTR’s are also shifting into the hackable range, however, given dealers unwillingness to move on price, it will probably be 2021 that we start seeing the GTR’s circling our group as latest hacks.

Just be sure if you are looking into these vehicles you always get a PPI first to ensure you aren’t inquiring a car that has more problems in it then what it is worth.


All in all, while I haven’t owned a GT series car and probably never will, I think it is a great car for what it is. Especially, if you are looking into getting into a GTS it is a lot of car for the money.

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