Range Rover SVR Buyers Guide

A daily driver V8 monster that can haul the kids, the gold clubs, and keep the wife happy… what more could you ask for? 

The Range Rover SVR is all of things and more. An SUV that is quick, easy to maneuver, and easy on the eyes. 

It is no secret that Range Rover has been the staple of luxury SUV’s for decades, but the SVR is the first of its kind for the brand, integrating the sporty feel of its Jaguar counterpart. 

Now the SVR never has been (nor will it probably ever be) the fastest SUV out there, but truth be told, how quick an SUV can go in a straight line or around a circuit shouldn’t be the biggest selling factor. 

Built with the same overall theme of the Range Rover series, the SVR boasts a large, blocky exterior that has been shaved down a bit to make the speciality vehicle a bit more aggressive, and sporty looking, helping to distinguish it between it’s more lax counterparts.

In an era where it seems that every luxury/exotic brand on the market is putting out their own variant of a bad-ass daily driving SUV, let’s see how the SVR holds up.

Driving Experience

Everyone can drive this SUV, and that is what makes it so perfect to keep in the home. But while anyone can drive the SUV, a true enthusiasts can appreciate the true drivability the SVR offers. 

Built with the same standard 5.0 liter V8 engine you would find in the Range Rover Sport, the true power of the SVR comes from software tuning rather than any direct engine modifications. The tune on the engine enables the SVR to put out 40 more horsepower than the Sport model totaling it’s stats at 550 horsepower and 502 pounds of torque. Along with this increased output of speed, the upshifts were also tweaked to be delivered 50% faster than the Sport model. With these adjustments the engine is nearly identical to the Jaguar F-Type R and it shows, especially when the SVR is in Dynamic Mode… she sounds like a true beast.

Like I said before , the SVR isn’t the fastest SUV on the planet, but it is perhaps one of the most secure. She has off-road capability, and navigates well over any type of terrain thanks to the air-sprung suspension. The handling and ride is significantly smoother then other SUV’s thanks to the modified pistons in the air springs, stiffer brushings, and tailored settings for the adaptive dampers.

The interior also isn’t the most luxurious out there, however it is sleek and stylish with a hint of sporty (if you go for the carbon interior pack), remember that color does matter for resale, although with the limited amount of options you have for the SVR, it is hard to pick a bad spec.

What the SVR lacks in lavish design, it certainly makes up for in usability and practicability. The amount of space in the SVR is wonderful, and the fact that the backseat is indeed a bench style, it enables you to fit the whole family or a group of the guys comfortably without anyone having to annoyingly bump elbows the whole ride

Range Rover SVR Common Problems

The SVR was built to be the better version of the Range Rover Sport, so a lot of the common issues seen with the Sport aren’t necessarily as present. After 40,000 miles the Sports seemed to be plagued with issues like struts, differential leaks, however we haven’t seen any SVR’s have the same issues (unless off-roaded or taken past manufacture recommendations). 

There are a number of recalls on the Range Rover Sport models (which the SVR is a sub-model of), we have included them all HERE, but please be advised any recalls issued prior to 2015 do not apply.

Range Rover SVR Cost of Ownership/Maintenance

All SVR’s come with Range Rovers standard 4 year/50,000 mi basic/50,000 powertrain warranty, making all models from 2017 onward covered under warranty.

However for the 15-16 models, warranty has no expired, but thankfully the SVR is not a gremlin intensive car. 

Just be sure to keep up with all scheduled maintenance, and be sure to keep an extra eye on your tires/brakes as with a heavier, more used car the wear and tear tends to happen a bit quicker than on other exotics. 

Also, being a Range Rover, this particular model doesn’t need to be exclusively serviced at Land Rover, you can happily take it to a trust third party shop. Just be sure to do your research on the shop prior to bringing your SVR in, ensuring the shop and it’s mechanics have worked on Rovers previously and have the correct materials, knowledge to work on the SUV.

Range Rover SVR Model Year Changes

From 2015 to 2017: no changes

First introduction to the market.

From 2017 to present: 

A facelift was given to the exterior of the SVR, making it sleeker and more angular to compete with the influx of exotic SUV’s hitting the market. The engine was also turned to provide more output in the name of staying up with the big boys. 575 horsepower is the new norm with 516 pounds of torque. 

Range Rover SVR Options

The SVR is designed to be beautiful in any light, and this goes for it’s interior to it’s exterior and everything in between. 

The options of the SVR aren’t plentiful like a Ferrari or a McLaren, however there are different options of paint with blue, red, white, and black being most desired in that order. Then interior being either monotoned or duo-toned seats in red, white, black, and tan with that depending on the exterior combo in terms of desirability. 

The wheels also are available to be optioned out, ranging from 19” to 22” in a variety of finishes from Satin Polish, Gloss Black, and Diamond Turned.

Some other small options also exists such as carbon fiber exterior/interior packs, panoramic roof, updated technology, LED headlights etc.

Of course as far as ECH strategies go, you will of course want a nice higher sticker SVR with at least carbon interior, a desirable color combo, and with the pano roof and upgraded technology both in and outside.

Best Range Rover SVR To Buy

If you are looking in the market for an SVR, we urge you to look at the following as they both have hit their own levels of the depreciation curve.

First Gen: 2016, less than 30,000 miles with favorable exterior paint option

Sec Gen: 2018 less than 20,000 miles, with favorable exterior paint option


If you are looking for a daily driver that will keep you under the radar but will be a hell of a lot of fun to drive on the way to work everyday, then look no further than the Range Rover SVR. An SUV that is as versatile as it is understated for what it is and the packability it possesses. 

For the dollar it stands at, the comparable makes and models on the market would be something like the Mercedes GLE63 AMG, or the BMW X6M and in my opinion, I truly believe that the SVR is not only the better looking choice, but the more financially stable one as well.

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