Rolls Royce Dawn Buyers Guide

If I have repeatedly bought a specific make/model of a car, it means I love it.

Not like it, love it.

The Dawn is perhaps the most evident example of that statement as I have owned damn near half a dozen at this point (May of 2023). But what can I say?

Find me a hotter, more prestigious drop-top that fits in a garage and breaks necks when lowered tastefully and paird with some OEM+ style wheels.

You can’t, and until you can I will more than likely always keep a Dawn in my garage.

With summer approaching, the time to think about the convertible you never knew you needed is now. So keep reading if you want to know if the Rolls Royce Dawn is the car for you.

Driving Experience

The Dawn is the perfect stunt car, especially with some little mods here and there like a drop and a sick set of wheels (please nothing bigger than 24s and be mindful to keep the style more OEM+, always happy to advise on preferred styles via the FB group).

No, it isn’t super loud or super fast like a 458, 570S, or Huracan. And no, it isn’t as maneuverable or easy to drive as a G63 or Bentayga. But it is right in that sweet spot that can fit the whole family to go out in, take to cars and coffee, and if you’re bold and a little crazy like me, it could be your daily driver.

The suspension on all present-day Rolls models is famous for being like driving on a cloud, and that is true with the Dawn as well, and with the top down you could very well imagine yourself up in the sky soaring with the Spirit of Ecstasy herself.

This makes your ride very comfortable, but don’t forget you have a twin-turbo V12 engine under the hood that can put out 563 horsepower. This makes maneuvering in and out of traffic extremely easy, but the size is still evident so it is a bit of a boat experience, but hey, who doesn’t want their very own yacht?

Rolls Royce Dawn Common Problems

Many of the issues that plague the Dawn also plague the rest of the Rolls Royce models. And funny enough, also BMW’s… hint hint, nudge nudge.

When you are looking into getting your own Rolls Royce Dawn, anything under the 2020 year range (yes, even the 2019s) may not be in warranty. Rolls Royce offers a 4-year/unlimited mile basic and power train warranty.

This means that a PPI is more necessary than ever before. The few hundred bucks you spend on this Pre-Purchase Inspection could make all the difference and save you time, headaches, and thousands of dollars in the long run.

The most common issues that you will find with the Dawn are going to be spark plug issues, engine oil level monitoring, water leaks, suspension issues, the spirit of Ecstasy motor problems, door opening motors, and the engine mounts. Be mindful of these issues, and whatever shop does your PPI, be able to make special mention of wanting these concern areas addressed.

Also, I wanted to add this to my ever-present desire to make you understand a PPI should be mandatory, not a maybe on any and all car purchases you make…Always, always, ALWAYS ask for photos of inside, outside, underneath, and any problem areas of the car.

Most of the time, you aren’t local, and you want to be able to understand the issue better and photos help to do that (plus, you can take the photos to your local trusted mechanic to get their feedback on the issue and even get quoted a price before you pull the trigger to hedge your bet further).

Rolls Royce Dawn Cost of Ownership/Maintenance

This is a Rolls Royce. Not a Kia or a Hyundai. Don’t push your service windows. Regardless if it’s a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce, these cars are high-performing examples of cars and they need to be treated as such.

The cars that give you the least headaches are the ones that are the most well-maintained before they get to you and will remain that way through your time of ownership if you keep up your end of the bargain.

These cars have a little bit of weight to them; after all they are Section 179 hacks, again… wink wink nudge nudge. So you want to ensure you are paying attention to the feel of your suspension, steering, etc as things can go very wrong, very quickly and are very expensive to fix.

The other aspects of ownership, will most likely be general wear and tear as you put more miles on your Dawn. Oil changes are relatively easy, given that BMW relation… So your local, trusted luxury and exotic car knowledgeable mechanic (who you should already be best friends with by now) should have no trouble getting your car up and serviced with a relatively low dollar attached.

Versus the some thousand dollar bill Rolls will present to you as you leave their posh-looking dealership with your free coffee and water to make you feel better about being completely ripped off.

Also, if you decide to do aftermarket mods like wheels and a drop, be ready to fight with your Dawn for a bit. The stock suspension on a Rolls Royce, especially the newer models, is finely tuned from the factory. So when you go messing around up there to drop your car and put larger than OEM wheel size on your car, you will be met with some lopsided-ness.

I once fought with my Black Badge Ghost for over 2 hours because every time we would re-adjust each wheel’s suspension, I would drive around 500 feet to have it settle, and one side would be off half an inch. It sounds like a small measurement but in the pursuit of the perfect spec, it is a big deal.

Rolls Royce Dawn Trim Differences

The Rolls Royce Dawn is the highest trim level of its make/model/class.

Best Rolls Royce Dawn To Buy

The Rolls Royce Dawn year range 16-17 will be cheaper, of course, and gives more opportunity for the regular hacker. If your budget is more considerable and your grasp on the hacking methodology is strong, go for the 2nd Gen, which is 2019 model range and up.

As for spec and colors, the biggest thing I can advise is that the more objectively hotter the better. A good example is that teak (lighter color) wood is not for everyone, nor does it complement every spec. The dark, nearly black wood is preferred, but even more so the piano black interior trim is by far the most universally loved on most specs.

Other options that are great to have in your Dawn are the Bespoke options, interior or exterior. The lambswool floor mats, Ultimate Touring Package, Interior Detailing Package, Driver Assistance 3 package, Contrast Seat Piping, oh and of course, be sure that both umbrellas come with the Dawn you are looking at – that matters!


I would like to say that my word is golden, but I am just a poor Persian trying to make a living. But when it comes to cars, I am pretty confident when I talk and even more so when I write. With this buyer’s guide, along with my ownership history, you can be rest assured that the Dawn is both ECH hackability approved and, better than that, PJ Persian Status approved.

Hack-Ability Meter:

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