Car Finder 101

IMPORTANT: Watch The entire Video Below Before your discovery call

Please note that you have up to 12 months from purchase date to use the Car Finder Service. We will follow-up with you after receiving your submission within 48 hours.

legal terms and conditions

With your purchase of a Car Finder from Exotic Car Hacks, you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions in addition to the Exotic Car Hacks Terms of Use found on  These terms are as follows:

  • Since we are limited on Car Finder allocations, no Car Finder is  ever refundable, no matter the circumstance.
  • We are not a car allocation service; we are a car hacking service. This means that we will only source cars that we believe to be financial hacks. A financial hack is a vehicle that is believed to be retaining its value based on its year of production and mileage 12 months after its inception, and with 3000 additional miles. The word “retained value” does NOT guarantee the car to never lose any value. We simply take in consideration the regular purchase of such car, and the savings as a result of using the program. Savings can be interpreted by ANY discount from the regular price.  While we do our absolute best in getting our clients results that mimic the promise of the program, each person’s credit, buying power, skillset and capacity varies which is why 2 outcomes are rarely the same. Please note that Exotic Car Hacks cannot be held responsible for changes in the market, automotive data, or economic climates that could cause our original intent to change. 
  • Car Finder must be used within 12 months of purchase, an additional 6 month extension can be purchased while the Car Finder is within its 12 months for $699. This would extend the Car Finder to be valid for an additional 6 months from the original date of expiration.
  • You must have proof of funds or a pre-approval letter from an approved lender that has no stipulations such as (franchise dealer only, or private party sales only) Your approval must be current and valid at the time of your Car Finder scheduled introduction call. Since approval is part of your responsibility, keep in mind that getting renewals on such approvals is your responsibility. If you cannot complete a purchase or transaction as a result of lost or delayed financing, the Car Finder will be marked complete.
  • We cannot be held responsible for your inability to buy a car due to financing or life changes that may lead you to choosing voluntarily or involuntarily to no longer purchase a car, should this be the case, we will mark your Car Finder as complete. 
  • Each Car Finder comes with a discovery call,.  During this call, the Exotic Car Hacks team will work to understand your needs and discuss the automotive choices for you to decide on, please keep in mind that once you choose a car you cannot change that car without cancelling your Car Finder. (Only changes approved at the Exotic Car Hacks team’s PJ’s discretion.)
  • Once your discovery call takes its place, the Car Finder can no longer be postponed.
  • During your Discovery call, a car and budget is set and agreed upon by both parties at which point the search begins based on the perimeters set during your discovery call. We anticipate a Car Finder not to take longer than 45 days to completion. In the event that we are unable to find a car to be presented to you that matches the criteria set on your call within sixty days of the activation of your Car Finder on the date of your discovery call. We will schedule a new phone conference with you to determine next steps. 
  • A Car Finder includes cars negotiated at a dealer and may have additional dealer fees never included in the negotiation price. Dealer fees are not taken in consideration as it pertains to the hackable cost of the car, nor is the shipping or taxes. 
  • We do not recommend registering outside of your home state, however if you choose to, remember that you are responsible for any and all associated taxes or penalties in doing so. 
  • We offer shipping recommendations to all of our Car Finders, but shipping is paid separately to any carrier of choice and paid directly.
  • Private Purchase Inspections (“PPI”) are recommended with every purchase, we help facilitate a location and encourage all our members to participate in the PPI by asking questions, we hold ZERO liability over any missed repairs by the PPI shop, and have zero liability over any expected repairs, cost of repairs or estimates provided. We use PPI to measure a quality of a car’s condition but cannot guarantee its condition. Any issues over missed repairs are between the buyer and the PPI shop. By being a Car Finder, you also forfeit your right to pursue claims against the dealership involved in the transaction relating to the condition of the car  or repairs with the car at handover. 
  • Exotic Car hacks is NOT affiliated with any dealership, and while we partner with several dealerships in order to obtain the best possible price for our clients, each respective dealership is subjective to their own policies, guidelines and terms of condition.