Geting Paid $1,666 per Month to Own a 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo

Who doesn’t want a Lamborghini and this happened to be my very first one. The perfect 04, low mileage, 6 speed gated shifter, clear engine bonnet, yellow calipers, and in impeccable condition with updated navigation unit by Pioneer. The car was flawless and was sitting at the dealership unsold for 6 months.

The financial storm had started and dealers were liquidating inventory.

The car was listed at $98K and it wasn’t moving. I almost backed out but threw a ridiculous offer of $80K out the door never expecting dealer to accept a an offer on such an immaculate car. Offer was countered at $83K and accepted and I was on my way to pick up the car.

To my surprise, the car also had a sick $2K radar system in it.

Buying Guide Shortcuts

2004 – 2008 Lamborghini gallardo

MSRP NEW: $180,000

Depreciated 5 year Retail value: $90,000 – $110,000

Depreciated 5 year Auction value: $75,000 – $90,000

Average Mileage for 5 year ownership: 25000

Good Mileage for 5 year ownership: Under 15,000

Options Preferred: 6 speed manual, clear bonnet

Nice options (Not mandatory): Wheels

Warranty: None

Cost Breakdown

Purchase price: $83,000 inclusive of all fees

Financing: $68,000 financed / 96 Months at 6% = $893 per month / $15,000 down

Total payments: $893 X 3 months = $2,679 of actual payments made

Other expenses during 3 months:

Maintenance: $299

Performance Modifications: $3,700

Total Invested in car through 3 months of ownership: $87,000

Sold for: $93,000

Total profit: $5,000

Profit Divided into Monthly ownership: $1,666 a month


We loved this car and you can never forget your first Lambo. As much as I believed I knew the market, I could have kept this car 5 years and still walked away with a profit. Increased pressure from a collapsed economy coupled with fear of never getting my money back made me sell the car early. Lesson learned, every economy recovers no matter how bad. When you can survive it, ride it with confidence.

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Pejman Ghadimi

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