A New Day Has DAWNed in Hacking: $83K Profit in 2 Years

I almost didn’t believe it until I ran the numbers myself. The car I bought myself to keep my sane during COVID has now left my collection and when I saw the dollars, I just knew I had to share them with you all.

Want to learn more about how I made almost a $100k off this one hack? Keep reading.

Hermes Dawn Buying Short Cuts

2016 Rolls Royce Dawn

MSRP NEW: $410,000

Good Mileage: Under 20k

Options Preferred: Floor mats, Premium Audio, Special Edition

Nice options (Not mandatory): Black badge, Provenance Warranty

Warranty: 4yr/unlimited miles 

Cost Breakdown

Purchase price: $190,000

Financing: Cash

Total payments: N/A

Other expenses during (24) months:

  • Service: N/A included under Provenance warranty
  • Mods: $7,000 wheels and suspension 
  • Repairs: N/A included under Provenance warranty

Total Invested For (24) Months of Ownership: $7,000

Sold: $280,000

Total GAIN of ownership: $83,000

GAIN Divided into Monthly ownership: $3,458/month

One of my top 3 favorite cars of all time. Very rare 1 of 1 Euro delivery Hermes spec. Dealer had terrible photos and made seats look yellow. I bought the car not knowing it had the Provenance warranty, then realized it was given the 10 year extended warranty due to it being the Euro spec. In 2 years I put 8,000 miles on the car and sold it for a very solid profit, without ever listing it online.  



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