Clown Car Made me $5,000 in One Month

Most of you thought this to be a joke… and if that is the case, then maybe I should become a comedian. Because to make $5,000 in one month on a car… well I will laugh my happy ass all the way to the bank.

Want to learn more about how I made $5,000 off the coolest clown car ever? Keep reading.

Fiat Abarth Buying Short Cuts

2015 Fiat 500 Abarth

MSRP NEW: $24,000

Good Mileage: Under 30k

Options Preferred: Abarth is the top trip of the Fiat 500 range, all options will be standard on the Abarth.

Nice options (Not mandatory): N/A

Warranty: 4yr/50,000 miles


Cost Breakdown

Purchase price: $16,000

Financing: Cash

Total payments: N/A

Other expenses during (1) months:

  • Service: N/A
  • Mods: $300 roof wrap to hide the flag
  • Repairs: N/A

Total Invested For (1) Months of Ownership: $300

Sold: $21,000

Total GAIN/LOSS of ownership: $4,700

GAIN/LOSS Divided into Monthly ownership: $4,700

I bought this car as a joke for $16,000 from Chicago Motor Cars, I was told I would lose my ass. While I intended to film some content with it, I left it on Autotrader and it sold to the first dealer that called me when it was listed at $23,000, we negotiated and I sold the car after just one month of ownership for $21,000. 



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